Where is the best place to buy a laptop???

  avid_gooner 21:07 22 Jul 2006

Im currently looking to buy a laptop, i may buy a mac but wanna know other options as well

  Totally-braindead 21:43 22 Jul 2006

A mac!

How dare you. This is a PC Forum you must not use such bad language here.

Seriously though. You'll need to supply some info at least, its like saying I need a car. It makes no sense unless you give some info.

How much can you spend? What will you be doing with it? Will you be playing games - this incidently in my opinion is the main stumbling block with laptops. Laptops can in general do everything that desktops can BUT the graphics are rather poor. Not a problem with surfing the net, word processing, spreadsheets etc etc but it is a problem with games.

  avid_gooner 21:46 22 Jul 2006

sorry lol but yeah Macs are cool, people are just scared because they dont know how to use them!!! however, there is a different forum topic. looking about up to £800, gaming isn't crucial all i play is football manager (constantly...) but alot of internet, downloading and burning etc. preferably amd, im still not completely decided on whether to have a desktop, cuz i like amd dual core

  Totally-braindead 21:55 22 Jul 2006

I'm afraid I know little about laptops. I'm sure someone else will advise further or why not have a look through the other posts using the word laptop in Consumerwatch as its been asked many times.

Incidently why do you prefer AMD? I'm an AMD fan myself and am on my fourth self build with an AMD processor but from what little I understand some of the Intel mobile processors can use less power and hence get a bit more battery life. So you may be losing out if you insist on AMD.

I of course may be wrong with saying that but its the impression I have. I'm not a fan of laptops as the upgrading is virtually non existant unlike most desktops and I like games.

  De Marcus™ 21:56 22 Jul 2006
  Totally-braindead 21:59 22 Jul 2006

I know De Marcus™ I just noticed this myself and got confused with his other posting, read both not realising they were by the same person. Which is why its not a good idea to have 2 postings on the same subject avid_gooner you confuse those who are trying to help. And to be honest with you this post should really be in Consumerwatch anyway as its about buying a PC.

  SG Atlantis® 22:05 22 Jul 2006

click here

PCW thread.

Since you work for 'em buy one there and get discount, duh!

  Jimmy14 22:47 22 Jul 2006

go on and just get a mac :)), you know you want to:)) Pc Pro have just done their review on the new intel based dual core 13.32 macbook which got a excellent 4/6 stars. Have a look,
click here


  Jimmy14 22:48 22 Jul 2006


  avid_gooner 01:14 23 Jul 2006

yeah i culd get it from pc world, however, being a student i get good discounts on macs!!!

  avid_gooner 01:14 23 Jul 2006

and yeah sorry for the multiple threads i got carried away...

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