Where are they all from where do they go?

  jack 12:27 11 Feb 2008

I Guess our traveller FE will know the answer to this one
Brilliant day yesterday - as already mentioned.
So I got the car out to give it wash -
The first this year- there I discovered it was light green -well I never I'd forgotten.
Any way as I got out of the car to get the bucket
I glanced up and there above me were no less then 8 plane tracks 6 widely separated were heading from the East to the West and living as I do just East of the M25 parallel to to the Thames I thought 'They ain't for here then'
Meanwhile another was heading NW from SE at cruising height OK it could still come down for Manchester or Glasgow, another was not so high way over in Essex perhaps still climbing from Stanstead
During the ensuing half hour or so 20 such passages in all were observed- non I judged were for Heathrow- So during that time potentially
Approx 4000 folk were going somewhere- and anywhere but the UK.
I though Sunday was a day of rest- not for some evidently

  Bingalau 12:46 11 Feb 2008

When I opened the curtains this morning I was tempted to photograph the beautiful sunrise. it was just getting light and the sky was criss-crossed with red vapour trails going in all directions. Not just a few but about thirty or more. The only airport near me is an RAF training field at Woodvale and they don't start that early. Liverpool airport is a good distance away and like you although some were probably from there I guess some were from Manchester and some from Heathrow heading for the USA perhaps. Who knows? But it's nice to romance and wish you were up there with the FE, heading for his favourite destination The Seychelles.

  Legolas 12:54 11 Feb 2008

Now I hate to start any conspiracy theories or UFO sighting malarky but maybe all these vapour trails are more sinister than you think ;)

  wmoore 13:20 11 Feb 2008

Yes indeed....Chemtrails

click here

  Jak_1 13:59 11 Feb 2008

You see many over the skies of Manchester too, passing aircraft enroute to other destinations.

  jack 14:00 11 Feb 2008

Now what have you started?

  Bingalau 14:46 11 Feb 2008

I managed to read the first couple of paragraphs of that clap-trap before thinking "Are there people out there who are allowed to get away with publishing this rubbish?" It seems there are indeed.

  dagbladet 15:03 11 Feb 2008

I wild stab in the dark.

From somewhere in Mainland Europe to somewhere in the American Continent?

  dukeboxhero 15:17 11 Feb 2008

Chemtrails so thats whats causing all the weeds in my garden, and here was me thinking it was me being a lazy git

  pj123 15:35 11 Feb 2008

Well, that is very strange.

I live within 5 minutes of Norwich International Airport and see all sorts of aircraft in the air.

But I have noticed exactly the same as you.

They seem to very high and all you can see is the vapour trail. Going from East to West.

  Jak_1 16:48 11 Feb 2008

As I look out of the window, I can see 5 aircraft flying over Manchester in the direction of Londonand a couple heading west, all at high altitude. Just because you live near an airport it does not mean to say that all the planes you see at taking off or landing.

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