when is plastic not plastic

  sunnystaines 17:50 19 Jun 2013

= when its an orange sainsbury plastc bag.

our recycle bin is for paper and plastic but the dustbinmen left it without empting because there was a sainsbury carrier bag in it. on phoning the council sainsbury plastic carrier bags are not plastic apparently, perhaps the wrong sort of plastic.

  Blackhat 18:01 19 Jun 2013

According to this web site plastic carrier bags now contain 70% less plastic than 20 years ago.

Info at Recycle Now

  BT 18:05 19 Jun 2013

There are so many types of plastic. We can put in drinks bottles(clear plastic- cola type) but not yoghurt pots, margarine containers and the like. No Glass. Not shredded paper as it apparently can't be handled by the sorting machinery, but we can put it in the waste food container as this goes for composting.

Its all very complicated. They gave us a big fridge magnet with what we can and can't put in the recycle bin.

Its just as complicated with the garden waste bin. No tree prunings over 5cms diameter.

  Forum Editor 18:31 19 Jun 2013

It's very difficult to recycle supermarket carrier bags, which is why most of them end up in landfill sites.

The sooner we can stop making these bags the better.

  sunnystaines 18:31 19 Jun 2013

thought I was a one off with the dustbinmen being petty, looks like others have problems too. nothing straight forward these days.

  oresome 20:01 19 Jun 2013

It's very difficult to recycle supermarket carrier bags

On the contrary, its very easy to use them again for a variety of purposes including second trips to the supermarket, waste bin liners and wrapping messy items before placing them in the wheelie bin.

  morddwyd 20:09 19 Jun 2013

There seems to be a variety of approaches to plastic.

Our council is at pains to tell you that they will take all plastic food wrapping, including that labelled "Not Currently Recycled".

Al they ask you not to include are cling film and foil sweet wrappers.

They also ask us not to put anything in the plastic bags because it is difficult and labour intensive to check the contents.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:17 19 Jun 2013

Most of our supermarket carrier bags get taken to our village shop to be reused.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 19 Jun 2013

Your not alone!!

Our council is also very picky about what goes in the plastic bin.

  spuds 00:14 20 Jun 2013

First of all we had a box provided by the council for recycling, then they transferred to 'plastic' type see-through orange bin liner style large bags. The thickness is very minimal, with the end results that any cardboard corners or heavy catalogues soon breakthrough the side of the bags.

Consulting with one of the collector's, and suggesting that we could put the items in heavy duty 'paper' animal feed bags, we were told this would be acceptable, so we did that. The following week, the supervisor/foreman was refusing to take the bags, because he "couldn't see what we were putting in the bags". This as now resulted in using more of the council supplied bags, because we were advised to put far less in the bags, in the hope that the council supplied 'see-through' bags would take the weight or items without destroying the bag.

You just cannot win, because my neighbours are having similar problems with the council supplied bags, and if the collector's cannot see the items inside the bags, then the bags are then left behind. With the end result that some people a putting the left behind bags in the main wheelie bin ready for landfill!.

  Quickbeam 00:28 20 Jun 2013

I recycle plastic supermarket bags as bin liners, as I'm sure many thousands do too.

If supermarkets didn't have plastic bags, I'd buy bin liners on a roll.

Catch 22...

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