When is 'News' not so new?

  SparkyJack 12:18 18 Dec 2011

One item of 'News' this week was the fact that the EU has 'ordered' Lloyd's bank to dispose of 600 or so branches- and that Lloyd's announced its preferred bidder was The Cop Operative Bank a mutual society..

It so happens the Co Op is the bank I use. There is a branch in my town, but my main main dealings are by telephone[as opposed to on line, that I will not do]

Its telephone system was a simple 3 button[choice] operation for Balances/ Ins and outs-/ transfers or operator.

In recent weeks all this has changed to the all too familiar multi menu/multi choice system that drive us all nuts as with other firms/Utilities.

So I ask - as such a changes takes some sorting out and not done overnight- was it planned and carried out in anticipation of the 5 million account/600 plus branch windfall?

  proudfoot 12:31 18 Dec 2011

The problem contacting large organisations is the time listening to multi recorded messages at your expense to speak to a real person, who when you explain the problem can't or don't comprehend the problem and if you want something done or give instructions etc. don't carry them out. This then involes going throught the whole rigmarole again with no guarantee it will be solved. Also with premium numbers the businness is making a profit at your expense.

  Kevscar1 12:32 18 Dec 2011

No it was announced months ago

  birdface 13:08 18 Dec 2011

All news to me and I use the Coop bank.

Why they would pick the Coop bank I don't know.The nearest one to me is 26 miles away so I mainly use the Internet for checking my details.

I would say maybe inconvenient for those that use Lloyds bank as most Coop banks are either in Cities or very large towns.

  birdface 13:11 18 Dec 2011

Just for those that new nothing about it like myself.


  SparkyJack 16:54 18 Dec 2011

Romanby 1

You comments are well known, but I feel you somehow misseed my point which was the news was announced this week- see Butemans BBClink - but a change to a telephone system has to be planned well ahead.

Buteman You may get lucky one of those Lloyds branches may become a Cop Op near you

It has been suggested that those 600 odd branches will be the former TSB element.,was there one of those nearby?

  SparkyJack 09:03 19 Dec 2011

Forum Member- What did you imply 'result of merger with the Britannia Building Society in 2009. The new phone system?

Probably not - Britannia is stall a separate entity at the customer face'

  birdface 11:05 19 Dec 2011


Thanks never thought of that it would be handy.

Not sure if there is a TSB where I stay but all they open in this town is new Banks.Phone shops.And fast food providers.And of course just opened a new Poundland next door to the £1 shop.

And yes just checked and they have a TSB shop here.

For some reason my thoughts were that they would close all of the TSB Banks and just use the original Coop banks to save expenses.

Just seems a funny time to be buying Banks when nobody knows what kinds of debt that they owe.Not sure if the Government had to bail those out as well.If so they would still be a major shareholder.

  SparkyJack 17:47 19 Dec 2011

Buteman youwrote 'just seems a funny time to be buying Banks when nobody knows what kinds of debt that they owe.Not sure if the Government had to bail those out as well.If so they would still be a major shareholder. 'Another point of view but perhaps a valid one.

Legislation told Lloyds to get rid of 600 branches,

A cynic would say - having been obliged to do this they looked around to see who they could 'Drop in it' by dumping a load of bad debt. I haven't heard iof the C Op will take it up of course.

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