When is a Hospital Not a Hospital?

  morddwyd 06:49 13 Jul 2010

When it's a social enterprise.

"Hospitals are to be moved out of the NHS to create a "vibrant" industry of social enterprises"

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Not for the first time I think I'm glad I don't live in England!

  sunnystaines 07:12 13 Jul 2010

PCT's often block expensive funding for some treatments despite reports from gp's saying it is important in the treatment. now the gp will manage the budget, if he refuses, do you just keep changing the gp to you find one to say YES.

  morddwyd 08:12 13 Jul 2010

Not saying reform is not needed, but if "a vibrant industry of social enterprises" is the sort of management gobbledegook they're going to be using I am not sure the change will be for the better, or even any change at all.

  morddwyd 08:41 13 Jul 2010

"You seem to be suggesting ..............everything is fine with Scottish hospitals"

You have obviously missed my recent posts on eye troubles, the subject of formal complaints to Nicola Sturgeon, and my earlier comments on how one of Scotland's largest teaching hospitals negligently broke my wife's ankle.

Didn't realise I shouldn't post on things which don't concern me.

Better withdraw my posts on the World Cup, betting, mad dogs and englishmen (I am neither!), the Church of England and Virgin tv then.

  Legolas 08:49 13 Jul 2010

It seems the catchy sound bites have started already. I agree with you as I live in Scotland I know that the NHS here is far from perfect but I am glad we are being spared the meddling of the Tories with NHS England. What a shower

  birdface 10:42 13 Jul 2010

GP's are to take control.
What a joke.
All they are is general practisioners with a little bit of knowledge about most health problems.
How many of you have lost friends and family because Doctors left it to late in sending them for X-rays.
The same doctors that when you try and make an appointment with them you have to wait about a week and a half before you get your appointment.
Would you prefer your doctor or a specialist to tell you what is wrong with you and how to make you better.
I have nothing against my doctor but I believe I would probably live a bit longer in the hands of professionals.
I believe that there is a saying that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:51 13 Jul 2010

The present health system does not work, is totally top heavy and is generally an embarrassment. The NHS is fractured, haemorrhaging money, a disgrace and I am forever grateful that I do not have to use it for anything urgent or serious. The new proposed system has been trialled and seems to be better than the complete mess that we have at the moment.

'GP's are to take control. What a joke.
All they are is general practisioners with a little bit of knowledge about most health problems'...they are better qualified than a bunch of over-paid managers who have zero medical experience.


  spuds 12:05 13 Jul 2010

I think this is another case of 'wait and see', because when the GP's had their large pay increases, all sorts of wonders were going to happen in improving medical services. But as already been pointed out, this doesn't seem to have occurred, more so in some areas than in others.

I haven't bothered to read the white paper, but I get the idea that this new move is to cut down on management (perhaps!) and administration, putting the onus on others.

In my own location there as already been some changes in how the NHS is run in a managerial sense. But that as brought in many further problems with people being transfered to jobs that they know little about.

Perhaps going back to the previous governments promises. Were we not promised 'the best graded treatment where you wanted it, at times convenient to you, with little expense spared', but what did or have we got!.

On a personal note, I have had a number of hospital appointments over the past few years for various problems, and in the mainstay, I have received good responses to those problems. Changes are definitely needed, but I am thinking that this might be a move for a 'private' NHS in the future. Nothing like a trial version in England first though!.

  spuds 12:37 13 Jul 2010

I have had a quick scan re your link, and will perhaps return to it at a later date.

But from personal experiences of 'white papers' I will hold my judgement open and 'wait and see'.

  Grey Goo 12:58 13 Jul 2010

Usually the GP is the first stop. You then get referred to a specialist in the relevant subject.
Of course this may take a few visits to your GP and a certain amount of insistence on your part.

  Grey Goo 13:05 13 Jul 2010

Yes you should be glad you are Devolved. Unfortunately,for you and your countrymen to enjoy the free perks that are unavailable in England, the good people of the South East are working their arses off to pay for it all. Your beloved Brown thinks this region is some kind of cash cow.

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