When do you usually log in here?

  wolfie3000 03:07 14 Apr 2006

Iv noticed that some people come on here late at night like me,
Iv also noticed that FE you log in at night too do many of us come on in late at night?

For me im usually in here from 11PM to 4AM well in and out anyway.

  wee eddie 08:02 14 Apr 2006

Firstly, just a quick check in the morning, after I have checked my Mailboxes.

Secondly, I have a wee part time job in a Deli which finishes after lunch, when I return home.

Thereafter, whenever boredom, bad tele or there is nothing interesting going on in the Curling Boards that I visit.

  Pidder 10:15 14 Apr 2006

You are a Scot then, wonder where, Sauchiehall Steet?

  spuds 10:38 14 Apr 2006

Generally anytime between 8am and late evening, early mornings. Usually just dropping-in, browsing and adding a bit as the day passes.

  Forum Editor 12:10 14 Apr 2006

when I was but a starry-eyed youth, and everyone was on a dial-up connection I could look at a screen which showed me people logging in and out of the forum.

Times have changed, and thousands of our regular members are on broadband connections, so logins and logouts are somewhat meaningless. I look at the same screen now, and I see lots of people logged in more or less permanently. The fact is, many of them may be at work, or at the cinema, or shopping, but they're still logged in.

I'm often on the move during the day, or I may be in a different time zone. Wherever I am, I usually manage to check into the forums several times a day, and I spend longer here at night. When I'm not around, other people keep a watching brief for me, and I'm notified is something's amiss - even if I can't do anything about it for an hour or so.

  wee eddie 15:11 14 Apr 2006

Prior to that I lived in Chelsea from 1964 until 1980, when I moved up here.

  Starfox 15:29 14 Apr 2006

Usually about 6pm each day up until the early hours except holidays and weekends when I don't bother to log out.

  SG Atlantis® 16:38 14 Apr 2006

usually evenings til one am
and 5.30am til 6.30am until I go to work.

  Pidder 18:44 14 Apr 2006

Pleased to meet you, thought you might be a Glaswegian..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 14 Apr 2006

Log in depends on work:

If working from home then logged in all day till appox 2300.

If working local then log in approx 1700 - 2300

If working away then not logged in for days until return at weekends.

Think I'm going to have to pack in work, its interfering with my forum use ;0)

  anskyber 20:35 14 Apr 2006

When I switch on the pc in the morning at say 9am, then I dip into it at various times during the day until I turn off the pc at around 11 to 11-30pm. It could be that on "good" (or is it bad!?) days I am looking around for 2-3hours throughout the day. Too nosey really, I like to see what is going on and hopefully learn at least one thing a day.

The odd spat is often amusing but things are usually nicely under control here (on this site) so the time spent is often very fruitful.

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