When do you think Peter Mandelson

  Forum Editor 11:24 18 Jul 2010

will get the message that he's not wanted in politics, is intensely disliked by large numbers of ordinary people, and that he should fade away, never to return?

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I truly believe that he thinks he's some kind of super-being, far above the rest of us in terms of intellectual capacity, and that things would be different of only he could have occupied the big chair at Number ten. The truth of course, is that he just hasn't got what it takes to be a leader, and the quicker it dawns on him the better, so we can be spared his smirking,pompous outpourings in the media.

His book might make it onto the bottom of my Amazon wish list, well below "The beginner's guide to watching concrete set".

  Quickbeam 11:41 18 Jul 2010

"...will get the message"
He hasn't after quite a few forced step downs, so, never I'd say...

  Cymro. 11:42 18 Jul 2010

He would be alright on this Forum then as he would be in good company with plenty of us supper-beings on here. Come to think of it "smirking pompous outpourings" are also common enough on the Forum.

As for his new book, well he has got to find someway of promoting it.

  jack 12:17 18 Jul 2010

Well er yes-
He spent most of his time in the Sewer I seem to recall.

  Quickbeam 12:22 18 Jul 2010

Well he's always likes the 'Lime'light, but Orson Welles was a much better actor though...

  Kevscar1 12:42 18 Jul 2010

Lord Mandelson has defended Labour's time in office, saying the party had "achieved 80%" of its aims.

and he's right of course.
They gave away 80% of our gold reserve.
stealth taxes raised our income tax by 80%
80% of criminals now get a pat on the head rather than prison.
80% of illegal immigrants go uncaught.

  Noldi 12:44 18 Jul 2010

For this man to be called a Lord makes a bit of a mockery of the system. He like a lot of politicians should crawl back in the sewer, when you read the drivel he comes out with I find him very distasteful. The only one I take to is Boris and that was how he presented the program, “ have I got news for you”.


  jakimo 12:58 18 Jul 2010

Isn't it Blair and Brown who are partly to blame for creating this despised and disliked politician

It should come as no surprise of his delusions Of grandeur and Irreplacability,

Instead of letting him just fade away they promoted Mandelson to one of the most powerful jobs in Europe,and later to the house of lords,it must have been beyond his wildest dreams after previously being found guilty of dishonesty and sacked not once but twice from the cabinet, hes earned his other title as "The Prince of Darkness",disliked by most

  bri-an 13:34 18 Jul 2010

A breathtakingly ridiculous post!

But then, even a thread supposedly about Mandelson (who I dislike intensely) has to be brought back to a Labour-hating theme, I suppose.

Give your 'coalition' a bit more time.....

  johndrew 14:01 18 Jul 2010

Saw him on BBC this morning crowing about how invaluable(?) he was to both TB and GB and why it was essential for them to recall him from Brussels. All seemed a bit shallow.

Later he sat all dewy eyed with a Russian ballet dancer saying how he would so much like to return to his first love.

Well I suppose it identifies where he learned the 'dancing and prancing' he practised in politics. Also pity he ever left dance to join the other stage.

  Kevscar1 14:53 18 Jul 2010


Give your 'coalition' a bit more time.....

not my coalition mate I didn't vote for them.

As far as I'm concerned anyone who wants to be a politicain should be barred from the job.

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