When Do You Leave?

  morddwyd 20:14 08 Nov 2010

This has been brought to mind by the out-patients thread.

If we have an appointment somewhere I wall say to my wife, "We need to leave at (say) 12.30".

Now to me that means we are driving away at 12.30, or at least pulling the front door shut at 12.30.

To my wife it means that at 12.30 we should start going to the toilet, putting on outer clothing, checking the back door, tidying up etc.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  OTT_B 20:24 08 Nov 2010

Oh yes. Very familiar. And I agree with your interpretation of a leaving time.

The other thing happens on a regular basis is me asking "how long until you're ready", with the reply coming "5 minutes". 25 minutes later....."ok, I'm ready now"

  canarieslover 20:40 08 Nov 2010

Do the same as me, lie about the time we need to leave.

  Devil Fish 20:44 08 Nov 2010

all to familiar, Same as canarieslover i have a tendancy to tell the missus that we are leaving 15-20 minutes before we are really due to leave.

  cycoze 22:00 08 Nov 2010

My wife sets her clocks and watch 10 minutes fast so when we want to leave to go somewhere I apparently am always late!

  Forum Editor 22:10 08 Nov 2010

Oh yes!

  john bunyan 22:21 08 Nov 2010

Yes, very familiar!

  Brumas 22:27 08 Nov 2010

Also, just as I am about to pull away I hear "Did you remember to put the answerphone on?” which gets me doubting whether I have or not - but I know I have so why should I doubt myself, it always niggles me!

  Blackhat 22:27 08 Nov 2010

Mrs B is adamant that it takes her 30 minutes from alarm going off to leaving the house for work in the morning. It never has, but due to my elaborate timepiece settings it does. Only she doesn’t know how! Alarm is set 20 minutes fast, clock in bathroom is 15 minutes fast, next stop kitchen is 10 minutes fast followed by lounge at 5 minutes fast. By the time Mrs B leaves through the hallway the clock is correct and she has yet again got up and gone in 30 (50) minutes. (I hate changing the clocks twice a year; I have to use a crib sheet).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:30 08 Nov 2010

Oh yes

I usually tell her we have to leave at least 30 minutes before the "real" departure time so as to stand any chance of getting out on time.

  spuds 22:36 08 Nov 2010

Doesn't matter what any male states, they will never understand the workings of a female.

I still try to fathom out, how a young mum can have a group of children about causing havoc, while she is (say) making a meal, watching television, and a dozen other jobs beside, yet still remains reasonably in touch with events around her.They say its called multi-tasking, but I think that its a bit more than that!.

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