When did you get your first home computer?

  PC Advisor 14:53 13 Nov 2009

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  wolfie3000 15:04 13 Nov 2009

Mid 80s here, With a BBC computer, then a few years later I had an Amstrad 1512 pc.

It wouldn't surprise me if the main bulk of answers in the poll will be around the 1980s.

  canarieslover 15:10 13 Nov 2009

1982 - Sinclair Spectrum soon after it was launched.

  wids001 15:12 13 Nov 2009

Can't remember the year but it was an Amstrad CPC464. I purchased it shortly after its release. Can't remember how much it cost either but I brought it from Dixons on their store card with astronomical interest. I remember just about paying it off when Amstrad then introduced the CEC664 (with floppy disc). I was tempted, very very tempted but decided against it. Just as well really because within a few weeks Amstrad launched the CPC 6128 - That I had to have and bought one on the same deal from Dixons, but this time with a green screen. I had decided that the green screen was all I needed as I was then using it for a datebase (Masterfile) and Word-proccessor (Tasword).

Happy days ... I must have had my CPC6128 for around 15 years. Over time I purchased all the add-ons - additional floppy drive, dot matrix printer. I even forked out an absolute fortune for a plug-in rom that doubled the memory and never could get it to work - what a waste of money that was.

It finally died when the floppy disc drives stopped reading the discs.

  The Old Mod 15:22 13 Nov 2009

Dragon 32 1982, then an Amstrad CPC 464 1984, after that Atari ST 1986, next an Atari STE 1989.

Then onto IBM clones.

  octal 15:29 13 Nov 2009

Mid 80's here as well, BBC B and added extra memory to 128MB Wow, thought I was the bees knees :)

  octal 15:32 13 Nov 2009

By the way, just remembered, it's still up in my loft, don't suppose its worth anything, so it'll be off to the local recycle plant when I clear the loft to put the insulation in.

  Quickbeam 15:35 13 Nov 2009

'97. It was a half decent spec (can't remember at all what though) on Windows 95.

I bought one when I realised how much easier it was to print photos compared to blacking out the spare bedroom one a month to do Cibachrome prints.

  jaydoubleyou 15:36 13 Nov 2009

ZX81, I think for my birthday in June 1982... then after 6 months of wobbly RAMpack fun I got a Spectrum for Christmas. That lasted a year or two before expiring (probably after being clouted one too many times when I waited 5 minutes for a game to load only for the screen to flash and '(C) 1982 Sinclair Research Ltd' to pop up...).

I didn't really bother with computers again until a) prices of IBM-style PCs came down and b) I could afford to buy one, so in 1998 I spent £600 on a Pentium 100 with 48MB RAM (originally 16, with an extra 32 added) and a 3GB harddrive, running Windows 95.

  ventanas 15:39 13 Nov 2009

1997 Olivetti P120.
I remember thinking that the 1.2Gb hdd was huge compared with the 40mb I was using at the office.
Also had 8mb memory and a 14" monitor.
It cost £1200, but I got five years out of it.

  Awshum 16:05 13 Nov 2009

Our first machine was a Commodore 64 and I was in Primary School when we got it. I think around P4 or P5 (maybe 8yrs old) which would be late 80's.

The first time I used a proper computer (c64 was just games off cassette) was at High School in 1994 which was a Mac Classic. Through my High School years the school allowed me to borrow one for home use. Didn't actually own my own computer til I gained employment and bought one which was an Time, I think, in the late 90's. Can't remember the specification or the exact price though.

In a generation or so topics like this won't exist. My children have been using computers since they were old enough to walk over and start bashing at the keys.

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