What's your favourite video games website?

  David Price 15:21 01 Dec 2010

We're looking for your recommendations of video-game websites. What's the best website for gamers?

The top 10 will appear in PC Advisor magazine, and our favourite will earn its recommender a prize.

(Any gaming-related website is eligible, but bear in mind that extra credit is likely to be given to slightly less well known websites. And do remember to give your reasons!)

Recommendations can be added to this thread or emailed to [email protected].

Finally, thanks to everyone who recommended a film website last month (click here). Particular thanks and congratulations to Armchair, who wins the prize for recommending Metacritic.

Armchair is proving rather difficult to track down - if you're around, Armchair, could you make yourself known? There's a prize with your name on.

David Price

  Jwbjnwolf 15:43 01 Dec 2010

i love miniclip games
click here
i dont really know many and miniclip is the only one i can remember.
main thing like about it is that it has no dirty ones on so it is suitable for all ages really.

  wolfie3000 15:54 01 Dec 2010

Has to be Perfect World, iv played many games over the years and this game is one of the best games iv seen.

click here

For people who cannot afford Blizzards monthly fees, this game make a great alternative to World of Warcraft.
Its a very good game for novices to the MMORPG world as you never feel rushed into doing quests and the help system is huge and covers even the smallest of details.

Your first met in game by the character design system to create your character and the options available are staggering, from eye colour to the facial contours.

Theres not much Grinding in game at the start and theres plenty of quests to keep everyone happy.
The quests themselves are varied and alot of fun, you never feel you are just questing just to get experience.

The back story is rich and has alot of surprises in it, with alot of twists and turns you never feel completely safe doing quests.
For me this is one of the most exciting and well made games in the past 10 years of gaming.

Story trailer, click here

Perfect world Rising tide expansion trailer, click here

  Kevscar1 15:58 01 Dec 2010

Very rare I can't find anything interesting on here.

click here

  Jwbjnwolf 16:27 01 Dec 2010

You have to download the stuff with that site
i think what he means is ones where it just uses flash and grafics and no needed download unless you have no flash.

  Jwbjnwolf 16:33 01 Dec 2010

Why do people like sites with a bit of adult content?
I think the best sites around are ones suitable for the whole family what ever the age of the person

  David Price 16:38 01 Dec 2010

HI all - thanks for the comments.

jwarn, I don't want to be too restrictive about what kind of website we're looking for, but I wasn't particularly imagining download sites, no - I suppose I was expecting a mixture of games reviews sites, gaming forums and maybe the odd flash online game. But I'm interested to see what people find most useful from a 'video games' focused website.

Keep em coming!

  Marko797 16:46 01 Dec 2010


click here

They cover all platforms (although my preference is PC) and provide some great reviews, and a good selection of both screenshots, in-game vid clips, and trailers for new releases too.

If you decide to register (free) then on a weekly basis they send the top-ten list of new, and forthcoming games. This is useful if you are a gamer who likes to keep up to date with release dates. Great site - very useful gamer info.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:21 01 Dec 2010

Play.com isn't just a shopping site but it gives lots of info on what ever sort of thing your interested in technical wise, give alot of trailers on alot of the games.
And if you do deside to buy one, they can most of the time be cheaper than supermarkets such as tesco etc.

i know it ain't a video game site but it if it's a pc game like UK Truck Simulater which is a lovely game if you all for lorrys, it can give you idea's of what sort of game you may be interested in then you can go searching say like on google for a demo of that game then go back if you want it.
easy to register
click here

  Marko797 10:54 02 Dec 2010


click here

Same reasons as for IGN - comprehensive gamer info.

  red1977 14:30 02 Dec 2010

Gamespot for reviews, news etc and Armor Games for actual internet games.
Gamespot is very thorough and Armor Games has a good variety of games that dont take forever to load and run.

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