What's your favourite social introduction website?

  Production Ed 10:17 16 Oct 2009

Firstly, thanks for all your recommendations of price-comparison websites for our Readers' Sites section. We've been given a new prize to offer for the next few months: an Intempo iDS-01 Unplugged speaker dock worth £39.99. We'll be closing the polls shortly, but if you head over to this page

click here

and recommend a site (including, of course, your reasons for suggesting it) you can still be in with a chance of winning! Watch this space for our announcement of the winner.

If you miss out, however, there's no need to despair, because an identical prize will be offered for our next Readers Sites competition too. For this one we're looking for recommendations of romantic, dating and social introduction websites.

Let us know where you go to meet that special someone, whether it's one of the more famous sites or somewhere more obscure, and try to explain what's so good about that particular site. Is it easy to use, free, full of great people to meet or just the site you're used to?

Recommendations (and reasons) can be added to this thread or emailed to [email protected] if you're feeling shy.

Thanks again, and good luck

David Price

  Stuartli 10:53 16 Oct 2009

One wife is more than enough, thank you very much...:-)

  crosstrainer 11:23 16 Oct 2009

Your link re-directs to a PCA price comparison web site!

Thought I'd better let you know:))

  crosstrainer 11:55 16 Oct 2009

But since you ask, Facebook. I have been VERY wary over the years about any Social Networking website, and always advised my clients to steer well clear of them.

About a year ago, a friend of mine (knowing that I had been trying to get in touch with long lost friends) finally persuaded me to join Facebook, and I have to say that the results were nothing short of staggering.

I bolted my second PC down hard and took the plunge. Within two day's I had made contact with people I had lost touch with over twenty years ago, many have visited me....One from as far away as Australia. The caveat really is to use common semse when accepting invitations. Ask yourself a few basic questions....Do I know this person? Does the person's profile ring any bells? If the answer is no, then ignore the request. Any sensible PC user can safely use Facebook, and I would now recommend it to anyone as long as care is exercised.

  Production Ed 16:26 16 Oct 2009

Thanks crosstrainer.

I think the link's ok - I was just pointing out that recommendations of price comparison websites are still welcome (although I'll be picking a winner for that one shortly - this thread, on the other hand, will be gratefully accepting recommendations of dating websites for a good while yet)

Just to clarify that we're looking for dating websites this month - not sure why I felt I had to use the formal phrase 'social introductions'. Although I understand that many people meet future romantic partners through Facebook...

  Chegs ®™ 22:31 16 Oct 2009

I shudder at the thought of internet dating sites as I have had the same partner for almost 20yrs(4 times longer than my marriage lasted)and reading the various stories of "I divorced him as he was being unfaithful on 2nd life" kind of thing has thoroughly driven home the message that the chances of finding a mentally stable partner online(were I wanting to)is non-existent. :)

  mr simon 23:47 16 Oct 2009

One of my friends at work (the old party line, but I can assure you its true!) met his wife through Match.com

Internet dating is not something I think I would consider, but he looked at most of them and in terms of prices and number of members they seemed the best. He was also signed up with PlentyOfFish I think.

  Clapton is God 17:50 17 Oct 2009

Does a nice country pub qualify as a "social introduction site"?

  Forum Editor 18:26 17 Oct 2009

No, it's a nice country pub - we're looking for web sites.

  caccy 22:10 17 Oct 2009

Come into my "web" said the spider to the fly.

  Quickbeam 09:13 18 Oct 2009

click here an excuse to listen to a good song, that's all...

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