What's your favourite humorous website?

  Production Ed 16:14 12 Sep 2008

I'll begin by thanking the many forum users who recommended food websites for the Readers' Sites section of PC Advisor. It was a bumper month, and we couldn't possibly include all of the excellent suggestions.

Our favourite was Delia Smith's formidably professional online offering, which, in pj123's words, "has everything you could possibly want or need to know about food". pj123 wins a copy of Magix MP3 Maker 14.0 and our congratulations.

Food is clearly a subject PCA readers take very seriously. For our next topic, we've gone for something a little more light-hearted: humour. We'd like to hear which websites tickle your funny bones, and why you like them - although we appreciate that humour can often be hard to explain to others.

This is a potentially broad subject, covering everything from hard-hitting satire to childish whimsy, so feel free to interpret it as you wish. The only limitations are that the site must be funny, and it should be the sort of thing that a family publication could recommend to its readers…

You can add your recommendation and reasons to this thread or email them to [email protected]. This is your chance to see your name in the magazine, and perhaps even win a great prize!

Thanks again,

David Price
PC Advisor

  crosstrainer 16:21 12 Sep 2008

May I suggest the following? I know it's an old one, but still plenty to make those in the I.T. related professions laugh out loud!

click here

  Barnacarry 16:36 12 Sep 2008

I found this little ditty by Eric Idle and it made me smile. I think it could come under 'childish whimsy'.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 12 Sep 2008

This one (especially Speakers corner) can raise a smile at times?

  BT 17:14 12 Sep 2008

This has always been one of my favorite sites
click here

  interzone55 17:17 12 Sep 2008

How about The Onion
click here

  TopCat® 17:48 12 Sep 2008

The Irish jokes are for me hilarious and never fail to bring a smile to the lips. This site, in my opinion and to quote Frank Carson " is a cracker!" click here

It is said a face bearing a frown uses eight facial muscles to achieve it, but to smile only three are in use. So, begorra, why waste energy needlessly then? :o) TC.

  wolfie3000 17:59 12 Sep 2008

Has to be Red vs Blue for me,

click here

The humour can be at times childish but its one of the most popular web series in the gaming community.

Have to say my favourite character is Sarge, Hes got to be the most incompetent Sargent ever,

Heres just a few of his insane quotes,

click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:26 12 Sep 2008

Not always funny but a must read, click on 'The News'

click here

  bluto1 21:28 12 Sep 2008

Thanks for those websites. I've an old friend in his 80s who still has a sharp sense of humour and as he can't get out and about now I've emailed the urls to him. Again Thanks.

  Jim Thing 22:52 12 Sep 2008

American poet, now dead. Lover of the language (and inspired mangler thereof).

There's a selection of his work at click here. Here's a sample:

To A Small Boy Standing On My Shoes While I Am Wearing Them

Let's straighten this out, my little man,
And reach an agreement if we can.
I entered your door as an honored guest.
My shoes are shined and my trousers are pressed,
And I won't stretch out and read you the funnies
And I won't pretend that we're Easter bunnies.
If you must get somebody down on the floor,
What in the hell are your parents for?
I do not like the things that you say
And I hate the games that you want to play.
No matter how frightfully hard you try,
We've little in common, you and I.
The interest I take in my neighbor's nursery
Would have to grow, to be even cursory,
And I would that performing sons and nephews
Were carted away with the daily refuse,
And I hold that frolicsome daughters and nieces
Are ample excuse for breaking leases.
You may take a sock at your daddy's tummy
Or climb all over your doting mummy,
But keep your attentions to me in check,
Or, sonny boy, I will wring your neck.
A happier man today I'd be
Had someone wrung it ahead of me.

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