What's your favourite forum?

  Production Ed 10:55 08 Jan 2009

A very happy new year, and thanks to everyone who contributed recommendations to our round-up of your favourite holiday websites.

Trip Advisor (click here) took its second PCA Recommended award, after being named our favourite travel blog last summer (click here). sidecar sid was the first of several to recommend this site, and picks up this month's Readers' Sites prize.We'd be grateful if sid could make himself known.

For our next topic we'd like to hear your recommendations of forums (or, for the latin scholars among us, fora).

We know your favourite technology forum is PC Advisor Speakers' Corner, so let's not limit ourselves to that area. We want to hear about general chat forums, political discussions, forums for fans of sports teams or TV programmes or, well, pretty much anything. Surprise us.

As usual, recommendations can be added to this thread or emailed to [email protected].

Thanks again,

David Price
PC Advisor

  dagnammit 11:05 08 Jan 2009

Sony forums click here

For all game related technology discussions, help and advice and some not so game related ;)

Also a great place to meet fellow gamers - add them as friends on your console, join clans, get hints n tips and be kept up to date with news.

Digital Spy click here

For every other bit of entertainment news, discussions and help.

  DippyGirl 11:58 08 Jan 2009

To exchange views on anything and everything - except football which is just a silly game - listen to live music while enjoying a glass of wine or two ... I head off to my local pub -- sorry no URL

Looking forward to other posts though to see what I am missing

  Picklefactory 12:39 08 Jan 2009

In my view, just as helpful and busy as this site, only realtive to a more specific topic range. I've had a huge amount of help and support from members there (Some of whom probably haunt this site too).

  Picklefactory 12:40 08 Jan 2009

'realtive' should read relative

  Bingalau 13:17 08 Jan 2009

I find there is no other fora to touch PC Advisor's site. The only other one I use is click here This is one I have found recently which is motor-home orientated. (I've just bought one). I have a feeling I would have got just as much help from Speakers' corner though if I had asked.

  Si_L 13:22 08 Jan 2009

For discussions and stuff, here is best, and its the forum I use most. The only others I use are dedicated to certain things that I have an interest in, ie Runners World click here (fingers crossed that wins again), Guitar Forum click here, and 606 on the BBC website for all things sport, as it doesn't quite get enough attention on this forum (for me at least).

  Diodorus Siculus 13:24 08 Jan 2009

When I lived in the UK I was a great fan of HotUKdeals click here as a way to find discounts and bargain prices for almost anything. The users there are as friendly as on PCA and there is a general good-will feel to the site. Well worth bookmarking and referring to when looking to make a purchase.

  Stuartli 13:50 08 Jan 2009

>>We know your favourite technology forum is PC Advisor Speakers' Corner>>



As someone keen on cars and all that's related to them on a general as well as a technological/help basis, there's little to touch HonestJohn (click here), although Top Gear is good too.

The Register too is widely read, not only in the UK but abroad.

  Seth Haniel 16:20 08 Jan 2009

click here

and expanding our horizons.


  perpetual motion 16:35 08 Jan 2009

Without ANY doubt i love this one so much ive just paid for another year at £17.

You can upload ANY content add comments to other people's pic,s or video's you can copyright ur pics so no one else can use them!!

Some AMAZING photos from all around the world from amazing things to the most impressive backgrounds too bizzare things..lol

The customer service is one of the ebst ive EVER come accross on the NET, So many things to say but so little time...

click here

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