What's your favourite blog?

  Forum Editor 18:26 07 Mar 2008

Here's another request from David Price. Before your respond, just a reminder that this is a family forum, so check those links carefully before you post, please - especially any humour-based blogs!

On with the show; here's David:

"Many thanks to the readers who suggested their favourite music-streaming and -download sites for our new Readers' Sites section.

Eagle-eyed subscribers will already know that Last FM, recommended by Bingalau, won the Editor's Choice award for our May issue. He wins a copy of Magix MP3 Maker 12.0 for his troubles. Congratulations Bingalau!

For the June issue, we'd love to hear your blog recommendations. Whose weblogs make you smile, laugh or think, and why? What do you enjoy about them: the writing style, the concept, the design? Or is it simply that they update regularly? Recommendations (including what you love about your site) can be added to this thread or emailed to [email protected].

I'm going to start this as a fairly general topic, but if we get lots of recommendations for political or humorous or other types of blog, I may be tempted to split the topic into more specific subsets.

Once again, many thanks for your input!

David Price
PC Adviso

  Bingalau 18:33 07 Mar 2008

Now that the "cat is out of the bag" Can anyone enlighten me as to what a Magix MP3 Maker 12.0 is please?

  wolfie3000 18:34 07 Mar 2008

The Blog thats got my attention these past months is from a man who is fighting against the scientology religion,

click here

The guy is called Mark Bunker, he has for many years been fighting the abuses of the leaders of Scientology,

He DOES NOT fight against the religion, only the abuses that this "cult" has done.

Hes faced death threats and pickets outside his house for his actions.

Now that a group called Anonymous has stepped up to the plate and is taking on Scientology as well the whole thing has become an international struggle.

Both Mark Bunker (WBM) and Anonymous are stepping up there actions now and both are hopeing for an epic win.

Dont forget guys the ides of march.

  Totally-braindead 18:41 07 Mar 2008

BLOGS are not my thing I'm afraid but I'm sure you will get loads of input for this as it does seem to be very popular. Can't see why myself but everyone to their own I suppose.

Bingalau this will explain a bit click here hope you like your music!

  Forum Editor 18:48 07 Mar 2008

Well done, now you can play for hours, and go to the helproom when you get stuck.

  Bingalau 19:26 07 Mar 2008

FE. Thanks for your advice, I will of course take it when necessary. No chance with this month's competition because I don't read blogs. Well not very often anyway, though I have read a few on here.

Totally-braindead. Thanks for the link which I have just had a look at. I now have more idea of what the prize is.

Can I now make my "Oscar" winning type speech?.... Here goes...

Mainly I would like to thank the person who put me on to the Last-FM site. It was on this forum, when we were all bemoaning the loss of the "Pandora" site from the USA. I hope it wasn't Brumas or I won't hear the last of it.

Secondly I would like to thank my wife who spends too much time watching soaps on TV, therefore reducing the time I can spend watching TV, which in turn causes me to spend too much time on these forums and Speakers' Corner in particular. That's about it because I don't want to make David Attenborough (or was it his brother) jealous by making this too long.

  anskyber 19:46 07 Mar 2008

I should be adventurous and link to the very successful blogs from folk like call girls in London which I am told are very good, the blogs that is. I do not read them (partly because I do not want a degree in Crested Andalucian ferret breeding) but they have gained notoriety for the quality of the writing and also providing an insight to their lives.

Actually the only blog I visit regularly (other than the PCA ones naturally!) is the Evan Davis blog from the BBC click here

My reasons? He is knowledgeable, manages to get his predictions about right and keeps a difficult subject very simple, a fine art indeed.

  Eargasm 20:33 07 Mar 2008

My favourite is the excellent Nellie 2 blog.
The layout is great, and its really informative.
Well worth a visit for anyone interested in computer security.

click here

  wiz-king 21:05 07 Mar 2008

My favourite is as South African blog click here by Emma, this blog is in the top ten for this years SA Blog Awards in the personal blog category.
My second favorite has to be my best friends blog click here - but I am biased.

  lisa02 21:13 07 Mar 2008

click here

LOL. Believe it or not I only read the PCA ones. If I read a blog it's because Google has thrown it up on a search.

  lisa02 21:14 07 Mar 2008

on a particular topic.

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