What's your eating habits!.

  spuds 11:36 12 Sep 2006

Are you one of those people, who prefer a McDonald's or KFC. Perhaps a regular visitor to the local Chinese, Indian, Greek, Thia type eatery. Maybe a TV celebrity Chef special perhaps?.

Simple bangers and mash,jellied eel or perhaps the more exotic taste bud ravaging flavours!.

  wee eddie 13:48 12 Sep 2006

Of late I have been spending about 10 minutes each evening at a local Bramble patch, that in close to the road, picking enough for my supper. Lovely with yogurt, I'm too lazy to make a B& Apple Crumble for 1.

As I am comparatively well known locally there were a number of folk that stopped to pass the time and chat.

Many asked why I was bothering to pick them when I could buy them in the local Supermarket for £1.48 a punnet.

Others asked if the Lead on them didn't bother me or if the car fumes might have contaminated them.

I explained that they had forgotten that we took the lead out of petrol many years ago and anyway these bushes are regularly washed with the fresh Ayrshire rain, which probably left them with fewer chemicals on than any regular fruit that the Supermarket could produce, and last of all, that these were fresh with their whole Vitamin C content intact and totally organic.

Needles to say. I am still the only picker of this particular thicket. Unfortunately it's nearly finished.

  jack 14:23 12 Sep 2006

Slurp Slurp, Gobble Gobble, where's me bib- slurp

  Bapou 14:37 12 Sep 2006

This year our garden's victoria plum tree has produced it's best harvest ever.

We seem to be having, plum jam, plum pie, plums with custard every day.

I'm a regular visitor but not to the Chinese, Indian or even McDonalds!

  Altruist 16:20 12 Sep 2006

Lots of Blackberry pickers around here and they grow well away from the road. Just made a B&A crumble. Delicious!

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:33 12 Sep 2006

I never eat from McDonalds, they are rubbish and I work for an abattoir that is one of their biggest suppliers of beef, so I know what the burgers are made from! I eat very few other takeaways too. Apart from that my diet is very varied, with the special advantage that my partner is a chef. A very well qualified, very experienced and very good chef.

  1minute 18:22 12 Sep 2006

Stopped eating at McDonalds years ago after visiting an Abattoir whilst at college. Do visit with friends when taking the children their, but being veggie means i dont eat much. Dont eat at any fast foods, but do buy from Subway at lunch times as it's sometimes easier than making my own.

I see kebabs as a good way to get ill, most are full of fat and other crap as well!

  lisa02 18:47 12 Sep 2006

I eat a curry and other takeaway/fast food once a week, usually, sometimes not. Kids don't get any, it's all mine :D

Rest of the time it's normal dinners - meat and 2 veg kind of dinners prepared by me. I don't buy any ready made stuff at all as I like to see what I'm feeding the youngsters.

I spend an absolute fortune in local F&V shop every week, I prefer their produce to that of the supermarkets.

At work I eat whatever I have time for, usually sandwiches, sausage rolls or salad. The odd occasion KFC.

  amateurann 19:57 12 Sep 2006

Home cooked family meals every evening. Roast on Sundays. Trying to eat 5 F&V per day. No ready-mades. Home cooked pizza beats bought any day.

  hzhzhzhz 20:28 12 Sep 2006

I enjoy a plateful of beetroot tops with a little white pepper.

  Joe R 21:50 12 Sep 2006

Donners, chicken curry/fried rice, rogan josh, occasional madras or even vindaloo.

Love home made burgers, various pasta & salad dishes, but my favourite, is well done fried sirloin, with lashings of fried onions and chips.

So very varied, and i suppose, mostly unhealthy, but i'm happily unhealthy then, and if I stooped eating everything I was told was bad for me, i'd starve to death.

P.S. also love chocolate steamed pudding & custard,

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