whats your cold cure

  polish 22:03 14 Nov 2007

i have had the lurgy for a few days now as alot of people seem to wondered what people find works for them there must be some weird and wonderful things to

  Jak_1 22:05 14 Nov 2007

There is no cure but several things can alleviate the symptoms. I prefer a double Rum.

  Brumas 22:09 14 Nov 2007

Don't they say 'a common cold lasts seven days un-treated or a week if you do' or something like that ;o)

  Marko797 22:13 14 Nov 2007

beechams powders in the sachets. Pour contents of sachet onto table spoon, slowly add milk, mix with little finger of left hand (that's optional - I do it cos I'm right handed, and am holding the spoon with it) until a smooth consistency, then swallow. For some reason they seem to work for me better than the capsules/tablets.

  Earthsea 22:13 14 Nov 2007

click here and follow Earthsea's advice.

  alB 22:16 14 Nov 2007

A good old hot toddy made with rum or whisky, a spoon of honey and topped up with lemonade, get a couple of them down and you don't care if you've got a cold or not ...alB

  polish 22:20 14 Nov 2007

the alcohol ones sound good maybe mix it with the lemons take the bitterness away

  bof:) 22:32 14 Nov 2007

Hi all an elderly neighbour of ours had a recipe called something like, 'Cough Free Winter'.

The neighbour has moved away but I vaguely remember the recipe had the following in it:

ginger root
cinemon sticks

but I cannot remember how these were put together to make the cough syrup he used to make. All I can remember was that it appeared to work.


  bof:) 22:36 14 Nov 2007

ps she who must be obeyed says I have to mention that the longer it 'stood' it appeared to get stronger in taste and more alcoholic....you have been warned :-)


  Forum Editor 23:00 14 Nov 2007

and at present there's no cure - the infection has to run its course, whatever you do. It's possible to relieve the symptoms though, and that's where all the hundreds of so-called remedies come in.

I take Lemsip, and plough on. The ploughing on probably retards my recovery slightly, but the work piles up otherwise.

  Si_L 23:01 14 Nov 2007

Sleep is the best cure!

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