What's that smell...Oh its Europe.

  Blackhat 15:06 18 Apr 2008

Has anyone caught a whiff of this yet?
click here

Nothing in Birmingham so far.

  newman35 15:17 18 Apr 2008

We must get out of Europe immediately - why should we have to put up with their bad odour?

  LastChip 15:48 18 Apr 2008

Here's another vote to get out of this political experiment that has gone badly wrong.

  Legolas 15:56 18 Apr 2008

I heard about this on the news this morning. Another good reason to live in Scotland :))

  shellship 16:24 18 Apr 2008

Yup. Like Brumas I live next door in God's own county, Northumberland. B cold east wind though!

  Legolas 16:41 18 Apr 2008

Agreed, up here in the West of Scotland it has been nice and sunny the last few days, today it is very nippy with that wind blowing brrrrrrr

  BT 16:52 18 Apr 2008

Are we sure its the Agriculture. Surveys show that the French use less soap than any other European country!

  rawprawn 17:08 18 Apr 2008

Can't tell here in Yorkshire, the farm next door has been "Muck Spreading" (I think)
Truthfully, here on the moor it is Clean, fresh, cold, windy, and wet. Roll on summer!

  sunny staines 19:10 18 Apr 2008

got the smell this morning in sunny staines, thought it was farmers over in thorpe going over the top with muck spreading but the wind was in the wrong direction, find it hard to believe the smell comes from mainland europe.

  octal 19:16 18 Apr 2008

Our trade winds are usually from the west, so Europe gets our pollution most of the time, I reckon it's them getting their own back on us :)

  Earthsea 19:28 18 Apr 2008

Just smell cow poo here, as usual (I'm surrounded by farmland).

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