What's slower to start-up than M$ Windows?

  wee eddie 18:05 17 Oct 2010

The answer is, of course, my "new" light Bulbs!

I can actually do a full "wet" shave in the time it takes for the Bathroom Bulbs to reach operational luminescence.

Why, in a world that expects HD TV, in their Living Room, are we being forced to use second class products, such as these bulbs, and "Low Fidelity" Radio ~ DAB by it's given name.

  961 18:13 17 Oct 2010

Why don't you just grow a beard?

You need "proper" bulbs in your bathroom or the ability to be patient for a minute or so

As for DAB radio. I agree. It's total rubbish

  birdface 18:13 17 Oct 2010

Maybe it is trying to do you a favor if it shines to bright you might get a fright when you look in the mirror to shave and that could be dangerous with a razor in your hand.

  birdface 18:17 17 Oct 2010

I presume you are on about the ceiling lights and not the mirror lights.
Can you not just put sronger light bulbs in.

  Forum Editor 18:29 17 Oct 2010

My wife is cracking the environmental whip, and these lights are appearing all over the house. I hate the stygian gloom that precedes full illumination. It seems as though we've left the 21st century and gone back to the 18th. Candles might have bee brighter, come to think of it.

  octal 19:01 17 Oct 2010

I'm thinking the other way. The first thing I do in the morning is have a shower, so when I switch the light on it's slow to start which gives my eye's time to adjust. By the time it's brightened up it's light enough to shave by after I've finished the shower and my eye's have adjusted to the full brilliance.

  wiz-king 19:33 17 Oct 2010

Change to LED for instant on.

  961 20:30 17 Oct 2010

The problem is that by the time these envo friendly jobs have warmed up they've used twice the power you would have used with incandescant

Does she get on at you about all these computers and routers left on all the time?

  Simsy 21:18 17 Oct 2010

we've been using these round the house for a long time now...

Though they do take a while to "warm up" and get brighter, with prolonged use this time seems to have reduced considerably such that the warm up time for all of ours is now almost non existant.

There is of course the possibility that I'm just getting used to it... but I think not as I don't find other houses bright, and when we first started using these things I did.

I honestly believe that they improve with time!



  Snec 21:50 17 Oct 2010

I'm with you on this one... 60 seconds, no more, and they're up to speed. Also I wonder, for those who don't agree with us, could the brand being used make a difference?

  Forum Editor 22:38 17 Oct 2010

"Does she get on at you about all these computers and routers left on all the time?"

No, computers and routers are my life blood - they are on when I need them, and off when I don't.

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