What's the situation in the UK ...

  woodglass 18:13 16 Jul 2005

What's the situation in the UK with regards to selling a 2nd user PC.
Can you sell it with an unlicensed/unregistered OS on it, simply stating that the OS has been installed for test/demo purposes only ?.
Also, is the situation the same with regards to appplication software ?.


  justme 19:56 16 Jul 2005

I am no legal expert but I would think that selling an unlicenced operating system is illegal. You are at least in violation of the licencing agreement in that you are distributing a copy.

Could you not uninstall it or at least delete most of it using a DOS disk if necessary?

  Pooke 21:33 16 Jul 2005

How about downloading a copy of a linux distro and installing that? Tell the new owners that if they want to have windows they'll need to buy a liscenced copy.

  Forum Editor 22:25 16 Jul 2005

with an operating system installed unless you provide the new owner with the appropriate licence document/sticker as well. In other words, the licence goes with the software.

Precisely the same rule applies to any other installed software - by all means sell it, but provide the purchaser with all relevant licencing documents/serial keys/disks.

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