Whats red, white, black and blue all over?

  wolfie3000 00:22 25 Mar 2009

The new Union jack flag if Nigel Turner has his way.

click here

So what are your thoughts on this?
For me I think its great, it makes the flag look more funky.

From a design point of view it could do with some more colour, say a bit of green and yellow maybe.

  Si_L 00:39 25 Mar 2009

Looks good, but I don't think there is a need to change it. Sounds like an answer to a problem that doesn't exist, there is no need to change the current one.

  dagnammit 00:50 25 Mar 2009

Wolfie that article was written in 2003! :|

  interzone55 09:32 25 Mar 2009

You can always tell the old BBC articles, they've not reformatted them for the new site layout.

It's interesting that newspapers have a redesign every couple of decades, but some websites change dramatically almost annually, and the old pages look strangely dated, even though they're only a couple of years old...

  Jim Thing 10:23 25 Mar 2009

Here in N. Ireland I can't see your suggestion to add green and yellow to the union flag being received with rapturous approval on at least one side of our 'cultural divide.'

  sunnystaines 10:49 25 Mar 2009

its a wind up

  Cymro. 13:43 25 Mar 2009

From time to time you get a campaign here in Wales to change the Union Flag as Wales is not represented on it. It would not be difficult to add the cross of Saint David to the flag and he is the only one of the four patron saint of the UK countries that is not represented on the Union Flag. Click below to see the flag of Saint David.

click here

  wiz-king 14:00 25 Mar 2009

Sorry - wrong shade of black.

  Forum Editor 17:40 25 Mar 2009

The suggestion that our flag should be redesigned is ridiculous tokenism and would do nothing to stamp out racism."

Well done, Phil.

The flag is red, white and blue. It was intended to be that way, and I seriously doubt that a single black person would feel better about the country, just because we added some black to the flag.

  laurie53 21:21 25 Mar 2009

Thanks for that. Born and bred in Wales, and regular visitor until recently, but never seen, or heard, of the Golden Cross.

Ironically enough, I am totally familiar with that of St Piran, and regularly displayed it when I was down west!

  Grey Goo 23:01 25 Mar 2009

Touch of black makes it look a bit too Nazi.

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