What's that in my sandwich?

  Diemmess 18:00 27 Sep 2010

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Glad I didn't discover this and ready sliced too!
I'm sure it takes almost a sixth sense to be sure that nothing like this happens to a firm's product.
Cadburys used to have a black museum with all sorts of interesting items that shouldn't have been in their Milk Tray!

  Quickbeam 18:04 27 Sep 2010

Just add your own cheeses, what's the problem?

  Forum Editor 18:19 27 Sep 2010

but I imagine worse things happen - at least this man saw the dead mouse before any harm was done.

  justme 19:34 27 Sep 2010

Reminds me of the old joke...

Q. What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?

A. Finding half a worm.

  VCR97 20:02 27 Sep 2010

Quite! I found half of a black beetle in a Cornish pasty. Very unsettling.

  ella33 20:24 27 Sep 2010

Poor beetle, it could have ruined his day!

  spuds 21:37 27 Sep 2010

What's all the fuss?.

BBQ cockroaches in South America.
Bugs etc in Australia (an Abbo delicacy).
Dogs in China.
Snails and frogs in France.

The list is endless ;o)

  sunnystaines 21:46 27 Sep 2010

anyone here worked on a cider farm can comment on the dead rats in the cider vats. apparently common practice to entice them to fall into the vats to help get the twang in the cider.

  wee eddie 22:43 27 Sep 2010

2 Hogsheads and 1 Kilderkin, about 160 gallons each year. The Hogsheads were for House, the rest of the Staff and Parties, the Kilderkin was for the Foreman.

To finish Cider, to make sure that the free sugars are all used by the yeast, it is necessary to add a little Protein to the barrel, we used to add, minced beef to one Hog, and Horse Hoof clippings to the other Hog. Percy, the Foreman, always added a Rat to his Kil.

The Rat and the Hoof Clippings are the Traditional additions.

Percy's Cider was always better than the House Barrels. We all put it down to the Warfarin that he used to kill the Rat, but that's a matter of conjecture.

  sunnystaines 23:18 27 Sep 2010

saw a packet of museli in a health shop shelf which still had a live insect crawling around in the sealed bag, gave it to the till girl who was not the slightest interested.

  sunnystaines 23:21 27 Sep 2010

to add to my reply apparently when sealed vats came in to keep rats out, the cider lost its twang so some meat was thrown in to replace the rats and the twang came back.

not a drink for vegans or veggies

glad to see someone come in with a similar version.

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