What's the most you would consider spending on a desktop PC?

  PC Advisor 11:13 27 Sep 2010

What's the most you'd be willing to spend on a desktop PC? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column.

(And while we're on the topic, would you be looking to spend less than you have in the past? And would you save money by recycling an old monitor, keyboard and so on?)

  Noldi 11:50 27 Sep 2010

My next planned desktop is a 27" iMac, I think that will be around £1500.


  WhiteTruckMan 12:31 27 Sep 2010

I am not planning to buy a desktop system, and currently have no upgrade plans in the pipeline either.

The last complete system was an accidental aquisition, when I legitimately rescued a kodak picture processing machine from being skipped, and was surprised when I began stripping it when a complete IBM thinkstation popped out of the bottom (immediately clamed by Mrs WTM!)

All the machines I have still doeverything I want them to do, and althouth they collectively represented a significant investment in time and money, they have served well, and continue to do so.

I may just put my trusty old HP Pavillion Ze4800 laptop out to pasture and treat myself to someting new in the sub-£400 pound bracket next year. Unfortunately thats not what this thread is about.

But its good to talk.


  spuds 13:19 27 Sep 2010

About £400 will serve its purpose, but not just yet.

  Quickbeam 13:37 27 Sep 2010

As I don't do games any cheepy PC will do for surfing and accounts and some letters. But I won't buy another desktop PC, I now use a little 10" Samsung for nearly everything. Now that we've all gotten over the power beast syndrome of 10 years ago (well I've gotten over it anyway), I only need sufficient computing power now so long as it's not painfully slow at doing what I want done.

  Armchair 14:42 27 Sep 2010

This one cost £800, seven and a half years ago. I would probably build one now, though. Order the components online. Wouldn't want to spend more than about £500.

  johndrew 15:03 27 Sep 2010

The question is a bit odd as a barebones would be far cheaper than one with all peripherals.

In truth this is two completely different questions, one regarding a barebones buy and the other a full rig unless the question was meant to be something along the lines of, "How much have you got to spend on updating a desktop PC?" - but this would be a bit presumptuous.

Perhaps these questions are more designed to see how many of us read them and less on gaining accurate information??

  gengiscant 15:16 27 Sep 2010

My last build,November last year, including a decent 24" monitor and keyboard/mouse was around £1200-£1400. Looking to upgrade already.

  Joseph Kerr 16:15 27 Sep 2010

I agree with johndrew.

Anyway, just bought a new one*, a smidge over £600 for just the tower, though I bought better than I needed and am already thinking about trying to sell the graphics card as I think its noisy and unnecessary). I think I'd draw the line at around £800 with mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Mind, i wouldnt rule out a Mac in future, but I cant be bothered to think how much I'd pay for one (a relatively large amont though, necessarily, unless it were a Mini), and you haven't asked.

* Many thanks to all who offered advice on that.

  OTT_B 19:15 27 Sep 2010

The last PC I built for myself was around £1500, 2 years ago. Both graphic cards are now shot (partly my fault!), so am now having a self debate as to whether I'm going to replace the C2Q based system with a Core i7 based system at the same time as ordering the new graphic card(s).

Just putting together an AMD X4 630 system for a friend (using some components i already have) for £230 including mobo, processor, RAM and 20" monitor. Quite good value for money, I think.

  Jameslayer 19:36 27 Sep 2010

About a months wages. If I'm honest my PC has already recouped most of what I paid for it. As I go to the pub less which soons adds up.

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