Whats it to be Andy

  jakimo 09:27 30 Jan 2011

Will the headlines read....

...........Fantastic Win for the Brit.............
............Scot loses in the final...............

There still at it,so its wait and see

  Bingalau 09:57 30 Jan 2011

Is Scotland still a part of Britain?

  carver 11:06 30 Jan 2011

Yes and No, yes when it comes to voting on anything relating to us, No when they have just voted and they don't want it.

  jakimo 11:21 30 Jan 2011

*So there we have it*

The Scot was completely outplayed and goes out in three straight sets

  gengiscant 11:25 30 Jan 2011

Well beaten. No doubt many will say it again,his time will come.

  jakimo 12:32 30 Jan 2011

"his time will come."

The times we said that about Henman.
Just look at the headlines,hes no stranger to going out in three sets in the big matches, perhaps he has inherited the Henman Jinx

click here=

  OTT_B 12:49 30 Jan 2011

Part of the problem with British tennis is that the game is corrupt. Winners and losers are sorted out in the changing rooms before a match. That means that we never stand much chance at getting truly world class players coming through.

By world standards, Murray is a good player and did well to get to the final, there's no point saying otherwise. Will he ever win a grand slam? I don't know, but I'd guess not.
We'll just have to wait and see who is next to pay their way through to the top of the British rankings.

  jakimo 14:10 30 Jan 2011

'Part of the problem with British tennis is that the game is corrupt. Winners and losers are sorted out in the changing rooms before a match'

OTT_B:--thats a bit OTT isnt it

  OTT_B 14:42 30 Jan 2011

It's been reported in the past, and a tennis playing relative of mine also concurs.

Just re-reading what I originally posted, I was not suggesting that Murray has done anything wrong. It was a more generalised statement. Apologies for any confusion that may have caused!

  OTT_B 14:52 30 Jan 2011

It's coincdence that Murray is the person commenting in this article. It's just the first link that cropped up.
click here

There's not a whole lot of detail in the article, but makes the point.

At lower levels, games do not have one umpire per court. Typically, there's one 'roving' umpire covering half a dozen games. A lot of the time the umpire is a relative of one of the players.
This leaves the players to score and referee their own games for the majority of the time. The opportunities for match fixing are there, and are used.

  jakimo 15:50 30 Jan 2011

If todays final had been fixed,its very unlikely that a top pro would go out in 3 straight sets.
The truth is he was beaten by a better player on the day

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