whats happening to sky tv?

  sunny staines 13:19 16 Feb 2007

On a frequent basis now i am unable to get any sky tv [last night was one] just get frozen picture/no signal/digital jigsaw effect. used to only get this in heavy rain/snow but now get this at anytime even if no rain. i have eliminated my equipment as several friends with sky in nearby towns have exactly the same problem at the same times [does not seem to affect those with hd signals but i do not have hd].

what used to be a rare occurence is now becomming very common. Sky have no answer other than bad weather but that is no longer the cause.

Anyone else having these problems and solved the matter
[working ok today]

  SB23 13:36 16 Feb 2007

Mine went strange last night. Turned it on, all that was there was a bright green screen. That went, to be replaced with a green (as you say) jigsaw effect. The box was totally unresponsive with the remote, so I turned off for about a minute, removed the viewing card, replace card, turned back on, and all has been well since.
The trick with turning it off for 60 secs, always seems to work. (They explained to me years ago, sometimes the box needs to reboot).

  sunny staines 13:42 16 Feb 2007

tried turning power off, removing card, during this periods only last a few seconds before freezing up again.

your option has worked in the past but not the recent spell over the last month or so.

  SB23 14:07 16 Feb 2007

My next suggestion was going to be the LNB on the dish, but if you say that friends have had similar problems, then I really don't know.
You say that you've spoken to Sky, but was it to the Sky technical people, they may be worth a try?

  sunny staines 14:12 16 Feb 2007

spoke to three people all had same problems same dates same times

  namtas 14:38 16 Feb 2007

I wonder if there is a problem with the Satellite?

  HondaMan 14:41 16 Feb 2007

Anybody got a (very) long ladder?

  The Brigadier 15:57 16 Feb 2007

Sky seems to have a large amount of soft porn on nowadays.
Most easily accessible by youngsters as most is on Bravo!

  sunny staines 16:03 16 Feb 2007

i 'm not bothered about bravo its the whole package of channels cannot get any when it plays up. watch mainly docs, eurosport, news, wife watches shopping stuff.

if the there are tech problems up in space with the sat why can't sky say so or is there some other reason.

  sunny staines 16:03 16 Feb 2007


my ladder is not that long.

  p;3 16:16 16 Feb 2007

one ladder to hand but maybe not needed; you DO have the sky dish insured ? (of course you do)

have you completley switched EVERYTHING off and let it reboot (or course you have)

go to
remote control/services/system setup/6/signal test
what is it showing?

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