What's the big deal with laptops?

  lisa02 18:40 17 Feb 2008

Unless you need IT on the move for business I see no need for them for the average person.

They are fiddly, expensive to buy*, almost no upgrade options, prone to accidents & theft and expensive to repair.

*compared to desktops

  wellshgit 18:49 17 Feb 2008

If you,re living in a one bedroom flat they are ideal as they dont take up much room.

  mrwoowoo 18:51 17 Feb 2008

At last,someone who thinks the same way about them as i do.
Then again i am a gamer (amongst other things) so a laptops not much use for me.
They certainly are more throw away than a desktop due to the non upgrade option, although generally they tend to be used for less resource hungry apps than your average home pc.
Still ,try surfing the net whilst waiting in your car,on the train or at mcdonalds with a desktop strapped to your back.Ohh wheres the socket!

  gobuddygo 18:53 17 Feb 2008

I suppose alot of people just use their computer for surfing and the odd use of word,music and video work.
Laptops take up no room at all and can simply be put away in a cupboard so no need for the desk etc.
This type of user simply has no desire to upgrade.
I have a laptop aswell for work but still prefer to sit at the desktop rather than on my knee in different rooms.

  Totally-braindead 19:02 17 Feb 2008

I think space is the main answer as to why for most people.

  laurie53 19:03 17 Feb 2008

Wake up in the middle of the night, slip the laptop out from by the bed and play a dvd, look at the news, check the tv schedule, join an on line game, read the forum.

I was downloading at 3.30 this morning, while still tucked up warm and comfortable.

  tullie 19:04 17 Feb 2008

Makes you wonder why they become more popular each year,as for games,i play them fine.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:04 17 Feb 2008

-with a new one! Problem solved.


  Clapton is God 19:06 17 Feb 2008

"I see no need for them for the average person"

Define "average".

For students, for example, they're ideal.

They can use them in their room (which are usually space limited), in lectures, easily take them home to continue working in holidays, sit out in the sun on Campus and continue working, etc.

Presumably, therefore, by your definition, students are not "average"?

  Al94 19:09 17 Feb 2008

I dumped my desktop 5 years ago and have used laptops since. Does all I need, external hard drive for storage and backups, use it wherever I want in the house with a wireless network, take it to meetings for presentations, bore the **** off relatives with holiday pics, videos etc. and often take it on trips to keep up with emails etc. So many hotels have free wireless access now. Can't think why I would ever want to go back to a desk top, not into gaming.

  lisa02 19:20 17 Feb 2008

by average I meant home user.

When I go on hols I use a internet cafe or something to check emails. Taking a laptop on holiday is an added burden of risk IMO.

I guess I'm just curious as to why most requests I'm getting for advice and help recently are for laptops. When I ask "why not a desktop?" the answer is usually "dunno" or "cause that's what I wanted" which is fair enough.

I guess I'm after the reason as to why they have become soo desirable when they used to be 'geeky' for want of a better word.

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