What’s been the biggest improvement in PC/laptop technology since XP launched in 2001?

  PC Advisor 12:56 01 Apr 2014

Extended support for Windows XP ends on 8th April. We want to know what you think has been the biggest improvement in PC/laptop technology since XP launched in 2001?

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: What’s been the biggest improvement in PC/laptop technology since XP launched in 2001?

  carver 13:20 01 Apr 2014

Really this is a no brainer, if you didn't have the dreaded BSOD at least once every month it was because you didn't have a PC.

How many times in the past was this enter link description here your normal screen.

  Menzie 15:43 01 Apr 2014

I'll say battery life, early portable electronics in general had extremely poor battery life and early laptops suffered from this.

  Ex plorer 16:08 01 Apr 2014


  wee eddie 16:17 01 Apr 2014

This has put me in mind of my old Dual Disk, Apricot Portable! Not exactly a laptop, so maybe reduction in weight is more appropriate.

Although my first laptop was notorious fro crashing at every possible opportunity and usually when I was in need of an answer!

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:55 01 Apr 2014

So many things have improved enormously but, I would say the greatest improvement has been seen in monitors.

  Diemmess 17:57 01 Apr 2014

The price reduction in memory storage. Goodbye to CD or DVD for much of business work. Pen drives or huge HDs are so much simpler to use.

Yes I admit it. This very week I put nearly 200 floppies in the bin. When I think of the hours at the keyboard they represented..... but they don't even have a recycle value. My first floppies were 8" diameter held 330K and were truly floppy. They did have a recycle value the Mylar film was tough and made reliable hinges for radio controlled models

  geoff96 18:11 01 Apr 2014

A stable and workable system restore.

ME's effort was deplorable.

  Woolwell 18:23 01 Apr 2014

PC or laptop questionnaire with questions about portability and battery life. Surely those are only applicable to laptops. Back in the days when XP was introduced most people I knew had desktops but now most have laptops and/or tablets. Probably therefore portability and battery have been the biggest improvement. However taking into account desktops as well then reliability is probably top. Start up speed depends on what junk you have and whether you have a SSD. Vista was terrible for start up.

  Forum Editor 18:26 01 Apr 2014

Windows reliability.

  Flak999 18:38 01 Apr 2014

"Windows reliability."

Ditto that, Vista was dreadful but Win 7 64 bit has been a fantastic OS in my opinion.

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