Whatever next !!

  *Kat440* 19:47 25 Apr 2007
  *Kat440* 19:49 25 Apr 2007

Cannot really coment on the subject as i do not drink beer! (Vodka please for me!!)

But just interested as to whatever as to what anyone else might think.


  *Kat440* 19:50 25 Apr 2007

put an extra as to what in the last comment.

  Bingalau 20:47 25 Apr 2007

I think the German Brewers will give the answer to that without the need of more scientific study. Because their lager does hold its head much better than the rubbish sold as lager in this country. Furthermore it is stronger and purer. "Ein Prosit"...

  interzone55 21:12 25 Apr 2007

Simply answer to this question, pour british lager down the toilet, cutting out the middle man, and stick to Guiness

  mammak 21:19 25 Apr 2007

Interesting indeed! I worked a few years in the NAAFI and served many Airmen a Pint, and in later years moved back to Scotland and served many Scots men a pint,

Its the way its poured a proper pint of lager in Scotland the foam head (depending on how long they take to drink it)should go at least three quarters the way down the glass

In general don't serve a Scots man a pint off Lager without a decent head on it you will be told to pour it again,

where as an English man prefers his pint with little head on it!

Guinness should always be poured at least five minutes before drinking so as it can settle and the head will/should go all the way down the glass,

its all to do with the gas in the drink and the way you tilt the glass whiles pouring,

why I don't know lol just served them as and when was needed :-)

this is my opinion from my experience anyway.

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