What Is Your Favourite Album Cover & Why?

  Big L 266 09:35 14 Nov 2010


I was pondering over the loss of the 12" record sleeve whilst in the shower this morning. What concerned me wasn't the vinyl record inside, but the record sleeve itself with usually a great picture of the artist(s)or iconic and/or clever artwork on the front.Also the liner notes about the album and artist on the back featured in my ponderings.

My own favourite album sleeves are those drawn by Phil Travers for the many Moody Blues albums of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The one that caused the most controversy was his artwork for 'A Question Of Balance' in 1970. One of the 'faces' resembled a real living person who took exception and demanded its removal.Of all the Phil Travers' album covers, the one I loved the most was on the gatefold cover of 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favour' from 1971 closely followed by 'To Our Childrens Childrens Children' from 1969.I guess my choices are a little biased as I'm a Moody Blues fan!

I also recall one other favourite by Russ Conway on his 'My Concert For You' album for Columbia that my late Mum and Dad had bought.It was a formal pose by Russ Conway sitting at a concert piano and which reflected the change of style from his 'honky-tonk' hits to a more serious but easy listening style with various concert orchestras of the day.I remember it being played on a large radiogram in a wooden case through a small mono speaker.I believe it cost 37/6d!

The advent of cds meant that the 12" record cover was reduced to a 5" booklet. I miss the album cover of the past and sadly hanker back to a time which will not happen again.

So what is your favourite album cover and why?

Over to you.....

Big L 266

  Armchair 10:06 14 Nov 2010

It's basically an old painting called 'Le Triomphe de la Mort', and there's a lot going on in it. The songs aren't bad, either.

  Quickbeam 10:25 14 Nov 2010

'Warrior on the Edge of Time' click here

They made a huge impression on me at Reading when that album had just been released. I've always been into fantasy (it's better than the real world) and I even embroidered that Gothic Hawkwind logo across the back of my Levi jacket (don't laugh, hundreds asked me where I managed to buy it from!) such was my devotion to them back then.

  karmgord 10:50 14 Nov 2010

Uriah Heep
"Look at yourself"

MINE is the best looking album cover EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

:- )

  Quickbeam 10:54 14 Nov 2010

Now that you've made me look it up, I find I have to strongly disagree with you...:)

  wolfie3000 11:24 14 Nov 2010

Well My most favourite I cant post due to its graphic content, well VERY graphic content.

Its a Cannibal Corpse cover.

So my top picks are, Iron Maidens a matter of life and death.
click here

And Megadeths Peace sells.
click here

  cycoze 11:36 14 Nov 2010

Pretty much any cover by Rodney Matthews, and that is a lot of them!

My Fav though is "On A Story Teller's Night" by magnum click here

Like most LP covers it needs to be in the hand to fully appreciate it, this cover has so much fine detail which cannot be picked out from the above image to do it real justice.

  Quickbeam 11:42 14 Nov 2010

I see what you mean wolfie3000.

  cycoze 11:45 14 Nov 2010

I forgot the why, just like the fantasy art which most of the time matched the music, for me at least meant my mind could drift off after putting the album on and looking at the cover for a few minutes, eyes shut and escape everyday life.

I am going to have to get my old record deck out of the loft along with the LP's now.

  Quickbeam 11:48 14 Nov 2010

Back in the days of 12" albums, it used to be an event to play the record while reading the cover like a news paper for the first time you played it at home.

I was also much more aware of the the producer info and who played what on which track as we read every word on them. I can't be arsed reading the CD covers to that extent... it means having to go and fetch my reading glasses.

The Beatles double white album was famous for it's non- information, even the catalogue number wasn't on it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:02 14 Nov 2010

Pink Floyd: Animals.

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