What would your choice be?

  csqwared 21:11 08 Jul 2010

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Better than being eaten by worms or burnt to crisp? From a personal point of view it wouldn't worry me in the slightest, if the medics have it right at the time I won't feel thing. Apart from the religious aspect, which after all is purely personal, the environmental issues could be interesting, particularly the sewerage dilemma.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:56 08 Jul 2010

that this is as enviromentally friendly as its touted to be.


  peter99co 22:12 08 Jul 2010

Sounds like you could be turned into Liquid Fertilizer.

Maybe they should find a way to turn us into Bio Fuel.

I am going to stick with the worms.

  bri-an 22:13 08 Jul 2010

It's a dead certainty that a commission will be set up to look into it all!

  Forum Editor 23:02 08 Jul 2010

that I couldn't care less what happens to my remains when the time comes. As far as I'm concerned my lifeless body will have no significance whatever, and as it's mine, my freely expressed wish should count for something when I'm dead.

My wife says that she and the children will 'take care of the situation', whatever that means, and I'm fine with that - after all, it's the people who are left behind who need to be easy about what happens. I can't see the dissolving method being a marketing person's dream, but I wish the Belgian undertakers good luck.

  Quickbeam 23:54 08 Jul 2010

I've been an organ donor since I left school in 1972, I'm also prepared to leave my body to medical science. It's only mine while I have a practical use for it.

I'm the same when I have to put a dog down, I'm quite emotional until the deed is done, and I have to take the dog there myself, but once the life has gone, it's an empty vessel, to be disposed of by the vet... for a fee.

  lotvic 00:33 09 Jul 2010

I couldn't even put the goldfish down the loo, it had a decent burial in the garden, with a stone over the top to stop the cats getting it.

  Þ² 00:57 09 Jul 2010

Orbiting Meadows National Cemetary.

  hastelloy 08:02 09 Jul 2010

I'm going for medical research - I've already signed up and all the paperwork is filed with my will.

  morddwyd 08:16 09 Jul 2010

My Dad expressed a wish for medical research, and we had discussed no other options.

When he actually died they didn't want him (he would have been really hurt by that) and we had to make some arrangements in pretty short order.

  canarieslover 09:21 09 Jul 2010

Despite having the deeds to a plot in the local cemetery,(my parents have the other two parts of the plot), I am going to go out in a last blaze of glory. I don't think my sons will be too happy at inheriting the plot either.

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