what would you like in Windows 7

  sunny staines 14:02 29 Jan 2008

A registry checker.

a decent optimizer defrag [inc MFT, Registry]

dvd codecs for media player

A protected i386 folder to run SFC from i/l of windows disc.

faster boot up of windows

auto driver checking for updates which could be scheduled.

I am on XP but don't think any of these are in vista already

  DieSse 14:24 29 Jan 2008

A screen display that's independant between resolution settings and objects/text size.

So that you can run at high resolutions, with a nice sharp display - but set the size of text, icons, etc independantly.

  wolfie3000 14:54 29 Jan 2008

dvd codecs for media player

auto driver checking for updates which could be scheduled.

Also decent video editing software as windows movie maker is awefull.

Maybe a total revamp of media player and paint.

  Kemistri 15:02 29 Jan 2008

You have covered quite a few of my wants with your list. Not least, a much more sophisticated reg checker that can also clean it out more thoroughly than 3rd party equivalents.

And a file system that makes use of the generous disk space that we all have by never splitting up files to fit in small gaps and only using those gaps when the files actually fit - thus no fragmentation, ever.

More sophisticated network tweaking - useful for fixing tricky problems.

Smaller system footprint and resource usage - back to XP's level rather than that of Vista.

The WinFS that never was, with the mooted idea of metatag-based file organisation.

Maybe a slightly more modular installation that allows users to be more flexible about which bits of fluff and frills they use/install.

  Sapins 16:16 29 Jan 2008

A price cut?

  Kemistri 16:17 29 Jan 2008

Yes! That as well.

  mole44 16:33 29 Jan 2008

an operating system that works properly,and does not have more hole than a Swiss cheese.

  octal 21:34 29 Jan 2008

You lot are making it sound like Linux :)

  paul€ 21:53 29 Jan 2008

All the things they cut out of Vista to get it out in time.

Oh that'll be Windows 7 then.

  45 Mart 23:27 29 Jan 2008

We'll if we're gonna make it sound like linux, how about a free version!

  JYPX 00:34 30 Jan 2008

Dear Microsoft,
First of all please repeat after me. A Windows operating system is a serious matter - millions of companies all over the world would be crippled without it.
An OS is not a game - it does not need visual froth.

Boot up time should be at least as fast as XP

A desktop OS does not need media centre - seperate version please.

Small footprint - Fast, Light, Simple.

Bill - If you are not "getting" this please ask your grandchildren to spell it out for you......

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