What would you get the FE for Christmas ?

  Dragon_Heart 01:57 17 Dec 2009

A couple of jars of extra, extra strong coffee ?

Some viagra to keep his upper lip stiff ?

A 'Gordon Brown' disguise kit so he could at least pretend most people like & respect him ?

A box of 100 black marker pens to edit out the bad bits of posts ?

A magic wand so he COULD keep every happy ?

A 'get out of jail free' card for the huge council tax on his mansion ?

... any other suggestions ?

  mrwoowoo 03:57 17 Dec 2009

An Xbox 360.
It's not technically for him though. (O:!

  wiz-king 05:54 17 Dec 2009

New batteries for his sterling silver deleting mouse. It has worked hard this year.

  mole44 06:02 17 Dec 2009

A very very large thankyou for keeping us lot in order, oh and a 6 box of his favourite tipple.

  Forum Editor 07:05 17 Dec 2009

or do I get all of them?

  exdragon 07:37 17 Dec 2009

I think he's already chosen his ideal present, see his reply to another post:

Forum Editor
For many years I've longed for a knife that could get the pips out of a grape. Especially useful, now that most grapes seem to come without pips.

Problem solved! It costs £500, so split between all of us, I reckon we could manage it.

  Kevscar1 07:38 17 Dec 2009

What do you get the man who has everything.
FE put your wish list up.

  bjh 07:50 17 Dec 2009

It's one from each of us Forum Members, if I read Dragon_Heart right, so I'd clear the living room (and sitting room, and garage, and shed) in readiness! So, how many prezzies does that actually get you?

I know you like your keyboards, so I offer you a choice ... click here. I suspect none is actually as usable as the one you have!

Can we mention Easter Eggs yet?

  SimpleSimon1 08:14 17 Dec 2009

A Thick Skin after some of the unfair comments this year :-(

  Forum Editor 08:20 17 Dec 2009


  natdoor 08:23 17 Dec 2009

A book on simple mechanics!

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