What is the world coming too?

  megapack 20:16 24 Oct 2006

Almost two weeks ago my son was beaten up by a gang of yobs at a train station on the way home form visiting friends. He ended up with a badly swollen lips and a bruised cheek.

I reported the offense to the local police who in turn passed it on to British Transport police to investigate.

We have since found that a member of this gang, used a video phone to film the event and has posted it on a web site. This yob has even had the nerve to put his own name and photograph on the web site.

Of course I have passed this info onto the police. It seems that they are just sticking two fingers up to the rest of us. When are we going to return to old fashioned values?

  [email protected] 20:39 24 Oct 2006

"This yob has even had the nerve to put his own name and photograph on the web site. "

Not the brightest of the bunch then surely.

Hope they catch them.

  Forum Editor 21:44 24 Oct 2006

aren't necessarily valid in today's world, but I think I know what you mean.

When are we going to return to them? I don't know when, or even if we will, but if we do I can tell you were it must start (and here I must ask reguar forum users to forgive me, for they're fed up with me saying it).

It must start at home, where children are given the values that will guide them as they grow up. If they're taught to respect the right of other members of society to go about their daily lives without having to run the risk of being assaulted, abused, or otherwise harassed then we'll have a better world. If, instead, they're more or less left to bring themselves up, coping with life on an ad-hoc basis, with little or no sense of purpose or hope for the future then we'll have the kind of society that produces the people who attacked your son.

  Jak_1 21:46 24 Oct 2006

Well said FE.

  anskyber 21:47 24 Oct 2006

You are like a record with the needle stuck......and so it should be.

  PurplePenny 23:17 24 Oct 2006

If it starts in the home it must continue in schools. Children are no longer told when they are wrong: whether it is getting something wrong (like incorrect spelling) or doing something wrong (like misbehaving).

How can we expect kids to understand that certain behaviour is wrong when they have been taught in school that they are always right?

  Tugwilson 23:23 24 Oct 2006

Couldnt agree with you more.I have quite a long story to tell but ill save it for another day.We need a more responsible approach to parenting.Something that is sadly lacking.

  wolfie3000 23:36 24 Oct 2006


Im sorry to hear about your sons misfortune,
I hope they catch the little criminals soon.

  hijo 23:43 24 Oct 2006

well iam only 35 but still remember the cane & although i never had it i watched it been used once..OWCH...society has changed soooo much in the last 15/20 yrs that now its almost ilegal to voice our oppinion's,i am very worried about my family not that i cant defend them but for the times when iam not with them,my wife gets loads of abuse cause shes spanish,she gets people laughing at her if shes with another spanish freind or if shes on the phone talking spanish,its not on...!!! & 99% of the time she finds its idiots of around the age of 14-23 they never do it when iam with her but then again iam not the freindlest of looking people & at 18half stone with a goatie,however i REALY feel for "megapack" & i hope things go his/her way,the goverment (in my view) has changed & allowed changes in sooo many laws that now i feel bad if i tap my 4 yr old's bum if hes done wrong & vocaly he wont listen,& its against the law to abuse the force side of disciplining your kids..it worked for hundreds of years but now take a look @ our society its crumbling & theres NO way back ladies & gentleman whats done is done,i have a great respect for "FE" on this forum hes got an Abundance of info in him & although some may think iam been condescending please belive me iam not.

  Kate B 23:47 24 Oct 2006

Very sorry to hear of such a traumatic and vicious attack on your son, Megapack.

On a more general point, there are plenty of "old-fashioned" values that I wouldn't want to go back to. It's not that long since it was illegal to be gay; and that rape in marriage didn't exist. It's only this month become illegal to discriminate on the grounds of age. So "old-fashioned" values are not universally a good thing.

  sean-278262 00:24 25 Oct 2006

PurplePenny - I agree with you. Most kids these days dont give a rats behind about anyone or anything. All the teachers do is tell them what is what. If they act up its to the "slow" class for some other teacher to issue yet further course based drivel and still no firm hand.

On the FE's point it is the "chav nation" we now have. The country is no longer controled by those in power it is dictated by the actions of the scumbags. Personally as someone who has never had any run ins with the police bar assisting them in things I feel we should really take the lock them up and throw away the key. I dont see why I should have to put my life at risk over some kid who thinks it is funny to induce a "happy slappy" as its called attack. I would love the law to be made so we can go find them and return the humiliation.

I have in the past had one of these degenerates try to get myself and a friend to fight with them on the way back from town. The only reason for them doing this is that they want attention and know they will only get a slap on the wrist.

I think that what the poster is trying to say that the old fashioned values are things like curtosy and politeness, rather than the things that were thought of as acceptable.

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