What will I do with it?

  dastardly mutt 21:12 29 Nov 2009

My ISP (Zen) has emailed me to say that my line will be migrated by BT to their 21CN infrastructure on 15 December. Thereafter I will be able to get upto 20 Mbps. I'm on upto 8 Mbps now and can reliably get 4.5 - 6.5 Mbps (400 yds from the exchange).
I expect that I will get atleast 15 Mbps.

What do other people do with these speedy connections?

I am not into online gaming, torrent or video streaming. I do appear to be into bragging ;))

  lotvic 21:24 29 Nov 2009

Grrrr ;-)

  wiz-king 21:59 29 Nov 2009

I bring bad tidings -- you wont notice much difference.
When I went from 4 to 10 Mbs (actual - I'm on cable) it made a few websites faster but not all, some video clips are better as the buffering time is reduced. I noticed more of a difference when I changed my anti-virus program. So you may find the PC limits your speed.

  cream. 22:23 29 Nov 2009

Another guniea pig.

Those experiencing the new "upto" 20Mbps broadband will find that they will suffer from back-blow if speeds exceed 10Mbps. Large swathes of users are finding data sent down the pipes, to the server, is so quick that error 404 screens are more common than not. The server cannot deal with the low ping and the speed the data needs prossecing, it just sends the error message.

You also get "twang". This is the excessive vibration of moving great ammounts of data over an inerior copper wire. The actual wire heats up to immense tempretures and starts to vibrate, ence the twanging effect. Data will be corrupt, if transmitted by overhead cables but will be more stable if the wires are fed through the ground, it's cooler and ground moister will reduce the "twang".

If you can overcome these small problems you might get the "green" syndrome. This will make you stand out. When you venture outdoors, other human beings will all move around with green faces. AKA been green with envy.

Just joking you lucky so and so.

  morddwyd 07:48 30 Nov 2009

You will notice, and this is not a dig at anybody, or anything or any policy, that the PCA adverts will load much more quickly, thereby making the site itself much quicker.

I am getting 6 meg at the moment, but by 7.00pm it will be down to 500k, and the site will really crawl!

  Cymro. 10:26 30 Nov 2009

In no way am I a computer expert but I have always suspected that for the majority of users superfast Internet speeds are rather overrated anyway.

  Condom 15:30 30 Nov 2009

SSHHHHHHSSSSSSSSshhhhh keep quiet about it. Alistair Darling is watching and waiting!!!

  oresome 20:45 30 Nov 2009

I can't help thinking computers are like cars.

I have a car that will do 120mph, yet when I look at the actual calculated average speed, it's around 25mph or less.

  bremner 22:03 30 Nov 2009

You will be able to view iPlayer in HD quality, and downloads will be very fast.

  Chegs ®™ 16:12 02 Dec 2009

I was with ZEN,but changed to O2 as the cost of ZEN was impacting on my finances.I was sent an email from O2 informing me they were introducing a "traffic management" program which would take 4 weeks to implement,by the time the 4 weeks had passed my surfing was limited to daytime or early hours as between 5pm & midnight even google page was taking minutes to load,and when I contacted O2 to complain I was told that this "traffic management" should mean I could view iPlayer anytime.I gave them another 2 weeks then switched to TalkTalk,and am pleasantly surprised how much faster my connection is now.I checked my surfing speeds on O2 just before the switch & was getting just 5kbs during the evening & am now getting 4.2Mbs with TalkTalk.As long as I never need contact customer services,I should be okay with TalkTalk. :)

  dastardly mutt 22:33 24 Dec 2009

After installing a new router (ADSL2 capable, the speed test results are good.

click here

Still wonder what to do with it.

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