What will be your next smartphone operating system?

  PC Advisor 11:09 25 Oct 2010

Microsoft is hoping to shake up the smartphone market with its new Windows Phone 7 operating system. (click here)

But which OS do you think your next smartphone will run?

  Esc4p3 12:07 25 Oct 2010

I think Android for me, assuming I ever get around to getting a smartphone. My current phone is about 6 years old :)

  anchor 12:19 25 Oct 2010

Having no interest in getting a Smartphone, I could not care less. In fact, I declined one when offer a free replacement from Vodafone earlier this year.

I have no idea what the differences in the operating systems may be.

  Covergirl 12:32 25 Oct 2010

No Comment!

  Quickbeam 13:02 25 Oct 2010

If it integrates much easier than the other OSs with on board programs syncing to Outlook, Media Player etc, I'm interested.

  Woolwell 13:03 25 Oct 2010

Bada OS is missing.

I would be interested in Windows Phone 7 but I gather that it does not allow tethering.

  interzone55 14:22 25 Oct 2010

I've only had my current Android phone for 3 months, so won't be changing for a couple of years.

Seeing as I find this phone easy to use, and there's some decent free applications available I'll certainly consider another Android phone against a Symbian or Windows 7 phone.

Won't touch an iPhone as they're severely overpriced.

  interzone55 14:23 25 Oct 2010

I would imagine Bada OS is missing because it's only available on a couple of Samsung phones at the moment and isn't likely to be widely adopted...

  David Price 14:34 25 Oct 2010

Whoops, well spotted Covergirl.

  sunnystaines 14:52 25 Oct 2010

from what i have seen of w7 phone will stick with andriod, still a newbie on smartphones but learning quickly.

  Forum Editor 18:01 25 Oct 2010

as did my previous one. I doubt that I would change - I'm very impressed with Android.

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