What was your first car

  rawprawn 13:23 22 Aug 2008

Answering the "Tyred" thread set me thinking.
My first car was a 1932 BSA V Twin three wheeler like this one click here
I wish I still owned it. I bought it for £16, and sold it about 18 months later for £18 to help raise the money to buy an engagement ring for my wife at a cost of £27. She still wears it today!

  €dstowe 13:25 22 Aug 2008

This was on a few weeks ago, wasn't it?

  €dstowe 13:27 22 Aug 2008

Oh! slightly different but in my case the answer is the same.

click here

  rawprawn 13:29 22 Aug 2008

Sorry €dstowe, I did a search for first car and it came up blank. If there are no replies I will tick it.

  ronalddonald 13:31 22 Aug 2008

car was fiat regarta turbo diesle soory if its spelt wrong.

  ronalddonald 13:33 22 Aug 2008

didnt read the above post properly

  Jak_1 13:34 22 Aug 2008

My first car was a Wolsley 1660 with leather seats and a Walnut Dash.

click here

  elbecko 14:10 22 Aug 2008

mine was a vauxhall velox 1959, cost $60!!!

  elbecko 14:11 22 Aug 2008

my favourite car that i've owned was a mark 2 zephyr.

  Pine Man 14:14 22 Aug 2008

!949 Ford Anglia that cost £49. Fondly known as a 'puddle jumper'.

  interzone55 14:55 22 Aug 2008

My first car was a 1980 pacific blue Mini, still my favourite car despite the fact that it leaked so I had to drill holes in the footwells to let the rainwater out.

The rain would also cause the rear window heater fuse to blow, which took out the indicators at the same time.

And the battery (in the boot) terminals had become corroded so that occasionally it would fail to start - the remedy was to smack the right hand terminal with a hammer to knock the rust out.

Kids today don't have this kind of fun, because they all buy brand new Citroens & Peugeots which come with free insurance...

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