What was your first car?...

  STREETWORK 22:13 02 Oct 2006

My first car was a Morris Oxford and cost me £15, no front shocks and only one headlight worked. Drove it from Leicester to Chatham in dense fog with no Tax, Insurance or MOT (I will disclaim this if anyone asks) all before the M25 was opened and through the middle of London...

Traded this car for a Hillman Hunter (what a car) and crashed it into the river Medway, it may still be there for all I know...

So what did you own as a first car...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:24 02 Oct 2006

Rover 3500TC. Incredible engine and leather, utterly useless British 'craftsmanship'..designed by the enlightened, built by the knuckle-draggers (as were many Brit cars at that time).


  wolfie3000 22:30 02 Oct 2006

Rusty ford fiesta mk1

Leaked in the rain, ripped seats and was painted in three colours red bonnet, yellow body and one black door.

Still managed to pull a few girls in it though lol.

  kevinjuan 22:39 02 Oct 2006

Streetwork - Same as you, a Morris Oxford. Mine was a H reg with a MG Magnette engine & gearbox. Scrapped it when the king pins needed doing for the MOT. I sold it to a banger racing team from St Albans.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:56 02 Oct 2006

model vauxhall victor. (wonder if that got someones attention? <G>) was an 1800 estate model with the 45 degree engine. Custom coach painted hammerite green with a 4" brush.


  DrScott 23:46 02 Oct 2006

lovely little car, though overtaking in it was totally suicidal- as I once discovered and never tried again. Very good on the fuel too! Eventually engine died, whilst spewing oil over itself - had to pay to get it scrapped...

  esbe 23:54 02 Oct 2006

1955/56 Ford Popular, the windscreen wipers were fixed above the windscreen, and I think they ran from the manifold,(as they made some sort of hissing sound) which meant that the faster you went - the slower the wipers went - of course when you stopped, they were going like the clappers! -- perhaps a good safety feature for these modern times.

Funnily enough, I found the original handbook for it the other week.


  josie mayhem 23:58 02 Oct 2006

A cortina mk5 with doddgy brakes!

Used to ride a motorbike, but when number 3 arrived (kids) and a none driving husband (now ex)I had to learn to drive (ex had failed about 7 times by this stage and still doesn't drive)

It took 6 months of complaining that brakes weren't right and I was loosing them periodicaly, and then the panic when I really had to pump the brake pedal, heading to the main road... while doing this I chucked the gears into 1st and ended up using handbrake to stop the car before getting to the jnction thankfully...

Newer car within the week!!!

  Koochy 00:19 03 Oct 2006

Bought from one carefull lady owner, this thing was in mint condition until i got my hands on it. I think it only lasted me 6 months as it ended up with the roof getting caved in by a nice lorry driver that had forgot to secure his load of 6 foot lengths of steel bar approx 12" in diameter. Luckily i was not in the car at the time as the damage caused was very extensive.


  Jak_1 00:19 03 Oct 2006

A Wolsely 1660, walnut dash, leather seats and ate oil.

  IClaudio 00:44 03 Oct 2006

with a drop head, and twin carbs, which suffered every weekend from my tweaking :)

I drove it around Hyde Park Square every morning, accompanied by a qualified driver, and eventaully passed my test in it. It was a glorious summer day; I put the hood down, and the examiner sat back, closed his eyes and said, 'Carry on, don't mind me!'

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