What was that TV Prog?

  Kev.Ifty 21:41 12 Jul 2007

Mrs.Ifty asks.. What was the name of the TV programme? It was set in the present and was about a Doctor that moves, with his family, to a remote Practise. Possibly one of the Scottish Isles.

Can't think of any of the Actors names. But apparently the Doctor is having marital problems, and suspects the wife of having an affair.

Sorry! a bit vague. Any help?


  Pamy 22:22 12 Jul 2007

No that was based in Devon(I think). I think the doctor was Peter Davidson, and it was based in some remote Scottish island and the wife was bored and had a fling with a local.

  Forum Editor 22:25 12 Jul 2007

and starred Peter Davison and Claudia Renton (his wife in the series).

Davison played a successful plastic surgeon who took his family (and brand new Bentley) to live on a remote Northumberland island.

  Kate B 22:26 12 Jul 2007

Distant Shores? click here

  Mike D 22:26 12 Jul 2007

Can't remember title, but din't he have a posh car tha the local tractor repairer had his wicked way with (so to speak).

  Kate B 22:26 12 Jul 2007

Great minds ... !

  Brumas 22:29 12 Jul 2007

You are perhaps thinking of 'Distant Shores' starring Peter Davidson and Samantha Bond filmed in and around Craster and Lindisfarne, not a million miles from where we live.

  Brumas 22:30 12 Jul 2007

Just because I cannot type as fast as you 'young-uns'

  Forum Editor 22:35 12 Jul 2007

Claudia Renton played his daughter. Anyway, the island it was filmed on is Craster in real life.

  Kev.Ifty 22:47 12 Jul 2007

Many thanks FE,Kate,Brumas and all you clever lot. That is the one.

Cheers On Mrs.Ifty's behalf

  Bapou 22:50 12 Jul 2007

Filmed in Craster, a Northumberland fishing village, not an island FE.

Famous for it's kippers rather than any TV series!

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