What Treasure Have You Found @ Auction

  peter99co 13:33 26 Feb 2008

Have you ever found a real treasure or bargain at an auction.There seem to be any number of Auction programmes on TV and we all think we could do better or can we?

  Totally-braindead 13:36 26 Feb 2008

Nope. I see things all the time on these programs and quite often I think its aweful and I personally would bin it only to find its worth a lot of money.

No antiques here I'm afraid - unless you count me.

  Cymro. 13:47 26 Feb 2008

I wonder what the people who have sold some of the things you see on such programs as The Antiques Roadshow say when they find out that the item of tat that they sold for next to nothing is in fact worth a small fortune.

Still I suppose they were well satisfied just to have been able to sell it for whatever price they got at the time. But all the same to find out afterwards that it is worth more must be a hell of a disappointment.

  crosstrainer 15:33 26 Feb 2008

Auctions I have attented, are IT related ones.....Plenty of antiques on offer, but sadly worthless :) Bargains too though if you are careful.

I have often thought about these people who are lucky enough to have found the like of Claris Cliff etc. for 50p in car boot sales, only to be told that the item is worth ££££...

  Picklefactory 16:15 26 Feb 2008

My dad bought a 1954 Sunbeam Talbot at auction for £5, made a princely sum of £10 when he gave it to the scrapper 18 months later, he was very proud he'd doubled his money.

  crosstrainer 16:38 26 Feb 2008

Showing my age here, but @ 16, owned a Triumph Tiger Cub (200cc) ran it for a year and sold it for £15.00! Same bike in fully restored condition today worth telephone numbers..... (: Wish I'd kept it.

  peter99co 16:51 26 Feb 2008

My own best purchase as a young lad was a BSA Winged Wheel for £5 and I ran it for about four years and sold it for £7.10.00 in old money. I think it ran at 100 mpg but petrol tank was about 2 pints? Wish I could find one now!

  wee eddie 18:18 26 Feb 2008

Then there was to be some Curling on, so I bought on at the local Auction Room for £35.

2 years later I got bored with TV and sold it to a young couple that I know well, for £65. They say that they are well pleased with the price and they know how much I paid for it originally.

Local Auction Rooms can be very useful if you get something you want at a great less than you expected to pay for it.

  Blackhat 18:22 26 Feb 2008

Mrs Blackhat, who is a bit of an expert on old dolls, recently bought a small doll at a car boot sale for 50p. She sold it on ebay to an American collector for £91.50+p&p. Not a bad profit, pays to know your stuff.

  Bingalau 18:43 26 Feb 2008

Blackhat. Yes and it's a wonderful collection that Mrs. Blackhat has got too. Why don't you put the link on here again for all to look at in amazement. I know you did that once before but I have lost the link. Go on... Gizza another look?

  Blackhat 20:32 26 Feb 2008

OK here it is again. Updated a bit since you last looked.
click here

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