What thing realllly blows your stack

  Grambo 22:59 04 Apr 2007

In this busy world we are in i think my pet hate is people who park their cars at petrol pumps....jump out and head straight into spar shop. No petrol. Once I was waiting for owner of a car to come out so I could fill up. Come out she did laden with shopping.....and then filled the tank up aaaaaghhhh !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:22 04 Apr 2007

People in the UK walking around clutching water bottles and swigging continuously from them as if their life depended on them. AFAIK there are no deserts in the UK and rabies seems to be non-existant or hiding well.


  Totally-braindead 23:27 04 Apr 2007

People with their mobile phones glued to their ears 24/7 even when driving. That rattles my cage.

  Belatucadrus 23:41 04 Apr 2007

Back to the petrol station, people who having filled up dawdle through the isles checking out everything on display, both on the way to the till and on their way out without buying anything. Despite the fact that there's a line of cars several hundred yards long waiting to get at the pump.
When they do get out, they need to pause to rearrange wallet/trousers/handbag/car keys and or mobile phone but never brain, before slowly getting into the car and proceeding to sit there for ten minutes before starting off, presumably as in the intervening gap they've forgotten where to stick the ignition key.
Also caravanners and other slow large vehicles that refuse to pull over as they are completely oblivious to the fuming motorists who've been stuck behind them for the last five miles.

  Kate B 23:46 04 Apr 2007

Cyclists. People who move at a pace that would disgrace a snail mired in treacle. Bigots.

  Jak_1 00:26 05 Apr 2007

Have to agree with you on the petrol station bit, happens to me all the time.

  g0slp 00:29 05 Apr 2007

I'm with you on the caravanners/slow vehicles...

  WhiteTruckMan 00:36 05 Apr 2007

Just add alcohol.


  [email protected] 00:51 05 Apr 2007

Walking down the high street & you KNOW thats the woman or man in front whos looking around & whos stood around clutching onto a Folder is going to ask u to stop & demand help towards a cause/charity or ask u 500 questions that should only take 2 mins of our time but end up taking 10.....

Also drivers that DONT indicate or ackowledge you when u let them past..grrrr

  45 Mart 01:10 05 Apr 2007

The constant attack on caravns

  [email protected] 01:15 05 Apr 2007

"45 Mart" i cant speak for other members but my attack was at my sisters driving when shes NOT got the caravan behind her as now shes just bought one & i only dread to think of the speeds she will be doing in her 3 litre four wheel drive....she looks lost in it as it is....lol...ill let u all know when shes "On the Road"..haha

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