What a strange world!!

  spuds 16:24 15 Nov 2009

If any of my dog's do their number 2's on public areas,and I do not clean it up immediately, I can be fined, and quite rightly so.The same applies to litter. But if the dog's urinate in a public area, then this is considered a non-event at present (but the council might be thinking otherwise), so I am free to carry on breathing a sigh of relieve!.

But this now comes to my thoughts of a strange world. Near to where I live are three public- council owned parks or recreation areas that have marked out and properly maintained football pitches for mostly weekend use. None of these areas have provisions for changing clothes or toilet facilities, so its a normal case of stripping off in the open, and/or urinating behind hedges etc. During and after the games, there's usually a display of food and drink containers, which in most cases are left for the street cleaners to clear on the following Monday (no litter bins).

Taking into consideration that the council and no doubt many other council's are complaining about litter and unsocial behaviour, why isn't it the case that the council warden's or PCSO's take action. Just fancy the amount of fine money the council's would collect, and so help to reduce the community tax.But do I suspect something else!.

  interzone55 16:56 15 Nov 2009

The food & drink containers left behind by the footballers, whilst unsightly, are unlikely to cause you any harm.

The same can't be said for dog poo, which can carry lots of nasties, and has been know to cause blindness for poor children who accidentally roll in it while playing...

  spuds 18:31 15 Nov 2009

Alan14- Have you ever fallen or tripped on a broken glass container, because having seen the evidence this type of article can cause, then it definately not for the faint hearted. The same possibly applies to plastic goods that can become entangled on a human or animal.

On my observations only this weekend, some team managers and volunteers do go around with a bin liners sacks, but many do not, especially the losing team.

The same attitude could perhaps be stated about vehicle parking, when everyone wants to park on the tarmac and stone footpaths, so causing members of the public to walk on mud or soggy grass. And that includes parents with prams, disabled people, mobility vehicles etc.

Perhaps my point was more (of a rant) about the way enforcement and education by authorities is worked in resolving everyday issues. One person does a misdemeanour and the full wait of the law is in action. A group of weekend footballers and followers and not one bit of authority in sight.

Sixty or eighty pound a time would surely cover the overtime bill and perhaps gain the council a further government star rating for public service achievements ;o)

  nangadef 18:57 15 Nov 2009

Why aren't the coucil providing changing rooms/toilets and waste bins?

  spuds 19:09 15 Nov 2009

nangadef-- Purely on cost, or at least that is what they say!.

  cream. 19:14 15 Nov 2009

Do you not have bins to put the dog poo in? If there is, they should be bins for peoples litter.

Our local rec has bins for both doggy litter and ordinary litter ( I nearly put human litter :O ) and they have an old porta-cabin, complete with chemical loo's as a changing cabin.

  ened 08:01 16 Nov 2009

At this time of year the first walk of the day is still in darkness.

So I either have to keep my dog on the lead or follow her around because the local park is a hangout for late night idiots who obviously have no homes!!!

Every morning there are discarded takeaway cartons and half-eaten food. We have a very healthy dog and try to control everything she eats, but being a dog this crap is a veritable feast. In addition there is usually broken glass in abundance.

So for anybody to say that the stuff left behind is unlikely to cause any harm is ridiculous!

Whether it be soccer teams (who should know better really) or immature drunks we need a zero-tolerance policy so that ALL citizens can enjoy the amenities ALL of the time.

  babybell 11:49 16 Nov 2009

Play on council owned pitches. The club takes great care that anyone who is going to drink outside has to use plastic cups and that bins are placed alongside the pitch for there disposal. A HUGE irritation for us though is that the pitches are clearly marked and yet people allow their dogs to foul in the middle of the pitch and then not pick it up. Only this weekend was our rugby game halted on 3 seperate occasions whilst one of our guys had to shovel up the mess and get it off the pitch. We have had incidents of players be tackled straight into a pile of poo as well and were lucky that its been on the shirt and not anywhere to cause harm!

  numskull 13:14 16 Nov 2009

I too have to wade through bottles, beer cans and discarded take away meals while walking the dog in the local park. These are left by humans who are supposed to be civilized and know better.

Toxoplasmosis is extremely rare so you have far more chance of catching something after cutting yourself on broken glass!

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