What should I sell?

  pchelper001 18:23 02 Jan 2008

I am wanting to start my own eshop and i currently have hosting and things (thanks to pc advisors 1and1 review) but i have no ideas what to sell. Any ideas welcome!

  Pamy 18:42 02 Jan 2008

All your unwanted Xmas presents to start with, see how you do

  pchelper001 18:43 02 Jan 2008

Thanks but i haven't got any unwanted presents, i love them all!

  Forum Editor 18:56 02 Jan 2008

starting an e-commerce website is a fairly serious exercise, and asking for ideas from people on a web forum about what to sell hardly seems to be a promising start.

Maybe you should spend some time looking into the whole subject of online selling first? There are legal and technical requirements to be considered - you'll need to know about your liabilities under the relevant consumer-protection legislation for a start - and then there's the question of credit-card payments, and how you are going to handle them.

I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, but lots of people start out by thinking that there's easy money to be made by selling on the internet, but that's not at all true I'm afraid. Setting up a proper e-commerce site is hard work, and involves a good deal of pre-planning.

  Bingalau 18:56 02 Jan 2008

pchelper001. I would have sent you one but you wouldn't have wanted it. so I didn't.!!

  pchelper001 19:14 02 Jan 2008

i have done all my research and things, for the last month i have been selling xmas products, quite steadily but now xmas is over, no one wants any decorations.

  SANTOS7 19:19 02 Jan 2008

Easter eggs...

  pchelper001 19:21 02 Jan 2008

Won't they go off by easter??

  jack 20:19 02 Jan 2008

I echo tFE here.
Study the trade- go get a job with one of them for starters.
You will start with the pick'n'pack teams,
perhaps move to good in
maybe go to the order office and see the electronic process.
Most firms start from existing workers going off to do thier own thing.
Though I guess like everything else someone somewhere started from absolute scratch , but with perhaps some relevant experience in shop retail say.

  pchelper001 20:27 02 Jan 2008

i have helped run a e-shop before i moved on to my own venture, and i sort of know what im doing in the business end, i've done a lot of work over the last year or so, its just what i should start selling now that xmas is after.

  recap 21:03 02 Jan 2008

Personally I would look to sell products that are not seasonal, and that would earn an income 24/7. Sell seasonal products when they are needed. Easter eggs would not go off before Easter as they have a long shelf life. They are already starting to appear in the shops.

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