What should happen to Gary McKinnon?

  PC Advisor 12:25 21 Jul 2010

As president Barack Obama considers his future (click here), do you think NASA hacker Gary McKinnon should be extradited to the US?

  Bapou 12:46 21 Jul 2010
  wiz-king 13:41 21 Jul 2010

"As president Barack Obama considers his future" and well he should do, the one who was going to change the world is not doing the miracles expected by the hype at his election.
I know that's not what you meant but I thought it funney. *grin*

  wiz-king 13:43 21 Jul 2010

Whoops - an e foo far.

  961 15:51 21 Jul 2010

The current extradition agreement between the UK and the USA is one sided in the extreme

It should be cancelled without delay and discussions begun about a new treaty

That is without passing any view upon the McKinnon case about which, I suggest, we all know far too little to pass any sort of judgement

  Seth Haniel 15:59 21 Jul 2010

The US claims McKinnon's hacking activities caused $700,000 (£433,000) worth of damage. He's also accused of stealing 950 passwords, deleting files at a naval base in New Jersey and rendering the military computer networks used following September 11 useless.

Maybe America thinks we'll do a Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi early release as Gary's illness gets worse !!!

  Uboat 16:02 21 Jul 2010

Slap on the A** and a two yrs sentance is needed BUT not to the extreme's that happening here, there is criminals that have done worse like murderers & got away with it!" im sure Gary has more than learned his lesson. im with him on this one! uk & usa are going to far.Period!

  wee eddie 16:12 21 Jul 2010

Gary's illness, rather like that of Ernest Saunders, became apparent after the event.

Most of us could claim that we performed, such and such, an action when the balance of our mind was affected in some way or another.

  sunnystaines 17:32 21 Jul 2010

should be dealt with by GB court, he should not get off scott free as he was out of order.

but banging him up for endless years in the USA is OTT.

  recap 18:19 21 Jul 2010

I did start posting to this post but hit the wrong key and I do not know if my post has ended up in the wrong forum now. My appologises if it has.

Anyway, what I was saying is this or words to this affect:

Gary performed an illegal act and should be punished for it, as should anybody that hacks in to another system.

When a British court sentences him his condition should be taken in to account, plus the length this is going to take to get to court. Not just for him mself but his close family.

The trial should be conducted here in the UK not the USA as I believe he would not get a fair trial there.

  Forum Editor 19:03 21 Jul 2010

I would expect to have to stand trial for it in America, be convicted in America, and serve my sentence in America. If I committed the crime remotely, via the internet, I would expect America to summon me to my trial, and if I refused to attend I would expect the American authorities to apply for my extradition. It's a no-brainer I would have thought.

The difference - and it's the only difference here - is that McKinnon is reported to be suffering from Asperger's syndrome. Whether or not that is enough to make him incapable of functioning at his present level in another country isn't something that I'm in a position to judge.

What I suspect - and in this I agree with fourm member - is that if McKinnon had submitted to extradition, gone to America and plea bargained, he would almost certainly have been back in the UK a free man by now. What America has wanted throughout all of this is a recognition of the fact that Gary McKinnon has some very serious charges to answer. He may be innocent or he may be guilty as sin - none of us know which. As usual, the media and some individuals have contrived to make this into something it's not, and as a result I believe McKinnon may have suffered, and will suffer more than was/is strictly necessary. The media don't care about that of course, as long as they sell papers and get big audiences.

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