What should be done with Auschwitz II?

  dagnammit 16:39 27 Jan 2009
  dagnammit 16:43 27 Jan 2009

On one hand I think it should be preserved as a tribute to the victims, and a stark reminder to us all about letting evil prevail...

But on the other hand I think it should be sealed up and left to be overgrown and destroyed by nature. Closure for all concerned if you like.

  wee eddie 17:02 27 Jan 2009

To allow Auschwitz to disappear, totally, would aid them in their misguided way.

I think that there may be ways that the site can be preserved without the necessity of preserving every building. At the same time being able to demonstrate the scale of the horror that has happened there.

  Noldi 17:17 27 Jan 2009

I think it should be allowed to slowly disapear but the area left alone as dagamimit post. I think in a hundred years it will be writen in history.

This is a place that sometimes I think about going to visit but then im not sure if I would understand totally so better stay away.


  hssutton 17:39 27 Jan 2009

Auschwitz and Birchenau should IMO remain as a testimony to the brutality of the Nazis.

Many thousands of people visit both of these death camps and as long as these people many of them Jews make the journey from all over the world, then the camps should remain.

Wee Eddie says "without the necessity of preserving every building" actually many if not most of the building (sheds) have long since gone, with only the brick foundations remaining. When I last visited (2 years ago) there where several hundred children visiting, most of them being guided by relatives of the former inmates.

As long as this continues the persecution of the Jews will not be forgotten.

I was planning on visiting Krakow again this year and will no doubt visit not so much Auschwitz as Birchenau, but due to the present economic climate may cancel my trip.

  ulrich 17:56 27 Jan 2009

I have been to Belsen twice once when I was in the Army in Germany and once with my German partner.

There is a museum there but none of the buildings only mounds and monuments.

What struck me both times was the silence.
Unless you don't know what happened ther if you get the chance you don't have to go to the museum, just go to the open spaces and feel the atmosphere.

  Forum Editor 18:02 27 Jan 2009

it's not altogether necessary to keep reminding ourselves about past events in such a tangible way. Perhaps now, after 60 years have passed, Auschwitz should be allowed to slowly crumble away.

But then I'm not Jewish.

  anskyber 18:14 27 Jan 2009

If it is about reminding us of the horrors of war, the capacity of man to carry out crimes of unimaginable proportions and as a result prevent further events, well it has failed. History has shown us that the perpetrators of evil are not going to be turned by the likes of Auschwitz II.

If it is about remembering the dead, in particular at that site then perhaps it is a matter for the nation, or rather religion, which suffered. I am absolutely in favour of memorials and for major events like the ending of world conflicts to be honoured at annual ceremonies. But, I think it is time to allow this site to crumble away, sometimes the right thing to do is remember and move on.

I would perfectly understand if Israel and the world of Judaism see it differently and find the money to protect this place of horror.

  wee eddie 18:29 27 Jan 2009

the War Graves Commission.

They do a superb job with those in the Somme, Verdun and throughout Europe. I would no-more allow those to moulder than I would Auschwitz

  shellship 18:38 27 Jan 2009

I was billeted in the Belsen guard's huts for a week in 1955 - National Service - and the silence was eerie. No birdsong or animal noises. Really creepy and i shall never forget it.

  Forum Editor 18:52 27 Jan 2009

at Auschwitz, Belsen, or any of the other notorious prison camp sites, and in fact they are there, as much as they're anywhere with a similar vegetation.

I have lots of birds in my garden, but at most times of the day they're totally silent - birds don't make a noise unless they have a reason to.

I think it's pretty well-known that the 'creepiness' people feel in these places is because of the thoughts going on in their heads, rather any anything else.

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