What really 'grinds your gears'?

  GRIDD 22:00 14 Aug 2008

What really annoys you?

Mine is loud peoplE - The sort that talk over you, always think they're right and don't listen either when they do eventually shut up.

Second to that is noisy eaters & those that chew with their mouths open, basically bad table manners.

  SB23 22:06 14 Aug 2008

My wife, oh I do hope she doesn't know my login for the forum, otherwise I'm in trouble, lol!.


  DANZIG 22:10 14 Aug 2008

Managers who think because you haven't got kids that you have no reason whatsoever to work all hours god sends. (Yes this happened to me today)

Front foglights on cars that are on when there is no fog and visibility is good.


That idiot on the M25 last week that nearly drove me into the central reservation.

Foul-mouthed youths that hang around outside my place of work, scaring the hell out of my customers and will NOT move along!

Phew that feels better - now for a drive home followed by a nice cool pint.

  peter99co 22:13 14 Aug 2008

Can you get one of those devices that make a noise that drive away teenagers?

  Blackhat 22:44 14 Aug 2008

The language of youth, 'borrow me a .....'

I cannot stand that question, it really grinds my gears, along with countless other abuses of English the youth use today.

  Brumas 23:08 14 Aug 2008

No, he means a radio/music centre playing Des O'Connor records ;o)

  m800afc 23:27 14 Aug 2008

People who just post the two words:

Click here

  Forum Editor 23:40 14 Aug 2008

who whinge endlessly about how "this country has gone to the dogs", and are constantly looking for someone else to blame for it.

  Covergirl 23:48 14 Aug 2008

Bikers click here
Inconsiderate parking
The Verve
ISP "Deals"
Dog Sh1t
Rip Offs

More later . . .

  Si_L 23:51 14 Aug 2008

Not all of us teenagers are "foul-mouthed youths" and those high pitched screechy things really give a headache!

For me its people who fail to grasp the concept of common courtesy.

And David Dickinson.

  Covergirl 23:58 14 Aug 2008

. . . . as with anything, it's the minority that spoil it for everyone else. As with football, cricket, motoring, manners . . .

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