What really bugs you in life

  packettracer 11:26 27 Jul 2006

For me it's some cyclists who decide to ride through red lights or just ignore them totally.

If i jump a red light i get done, so why not those on cycles?

  Sethhaniel 11:43 27 Jul 2006

Full Stop

Whatever happened to the cycling proficiency test??? should be compulsary... and then a plate attached to bike to show it has been done..

Too much blind eye paid to the un-law abiding two wheel twerps ;)

  Spark6 12:16 27 Jul 2006

Full stop.

  €dstowe 12:48 27 Jul 2006

1. Drivers who have fog lights/headlights switched on in bright daylight.

2. Drivers who complain that the road/ford/directions are wrong because their GPS tells them otherwise. I've mentioned this before but close to my premises is a ford which, after rain and especially storms like we've had recently can be quite deep and inaccessible for, say, the family car. There are plenty of warnings about this at the approach to the ford and alternative routes are suggested. Nevertheless, the garage in the village has quite a good business going rescuing cars stuck in the water because they believe their GPS rather than what they actually see.

3. Supermarket fruit in punnets with the advice "Ripen at home". What actually happens is the fruit gradually wrinkles then rots without ever ripening into an eatable state.

4. Supermarket fruit.

  Colin 13:05 27 Jul 2006

People, public or proprietors, who, in the warm weather, stand in the shop doorway, then look at you like you've just landed when you try to enter the shop.

  Sethhaniel 13:08 27 Jul 2006

the sounds that eminate from the speakers of most shops, music shops included - that have curtailed my visits on numerous times - (i won't call it music because it isn't)

  recap 13:10 27 Jul 2006

Drivers who have fog lights/headlights switched on in bright daylight. I'm with €dstowe on this one. Full Stop.

  De Marcus™ 13:16 27 Jul 2006

Supermarkets - have to agree with that one, especially morons standing in the middle of the aisle having a full blown conversation about the most unimportant topic ever whilst being oblivious to the 6 trolleys backed up behind them because they're too polite to tell em to shift their a**es. I'm not.

Drivers (in cars) who drive at 50 mph on the motorway when the rest of the traffic is doing 70, or especially frustrating is those that join the motorway at well below the national speed limit.

Battery life claims.

Big Brother.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:30 27 Jul 2006

'Drivers who have fog lights/headlights switched on in bright daylight'...if you go on an advanced driving course you are shown why it is a good idea (that costs nothing. You need to ember that there are many areas of shade on a bright day where dark cars will disappear. Sweden insists on headlights even in the day and there is a reason.

People who queue at petrol stations for pumps on the left (or right depending on thier filler cap) side of their car when pumps on the RHS are free because their petrol filler cap is on the left. They seem to be blissfully unaware that pumps have long enough hoses to reach either side of a car...rocket science it ain't.


  Colin 13:53 27 Jul 2006

Headlights, maybe - fog lights, definitely not.

  Noldi 13:53 27 Jul 2006

Headlights or side lights I agree fog Lights front or rear nope sorry they become a distraction.

Me what bugs me in life?.

People on mobile phones while driving they deserve the same treatment as any other form of dangerous driving.


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