What really bugs you

  Forum Editor 18:45 24 Jul 2006

at the moment? There must be something about computers or computing that gets your blood pressure rising faster than a fast thing - why not let me know?

Each month I write a few words in the magazine - often about consumer issues, things which affect all of us computer users. It occurred to me that there may be something which you would like to see investigated in a bit more depth - some bee in your bonnet that won't go away.

Let me know, and I may be able to get to the heart of the matter. No prizes for the best ideas - apart from the sheer thrill of seeing your topic being dissected in print.

Keep the responses short and to the point please - no essays on why you think Bill Gates should give us all £1000 for Christmas.

  Woolwell 19:02 24 Jul 2006

Spam using your e-mail address bugs me and closely behind are error codes (messages) which mean nothing at all to most people throw novices and even experienced people into confusion and are no help whatsoever. Why can't programmers write a sensible report.

  Totally-braindead 19:17 24 Jul 2006

No prizes! Thats not fair.

I suppose my main hate is foreign call centres. It doesn't only affect PC users but just about every other industry as well. The last time I had to call Tiscali I got a call centre in India, whatever I asked he answered with advice which had absolutely nothing to do with the question I asked. 25 minutes later I gave up and sorted it out myself. Took me a few days but didn't cost me any more money.

My other hate at the moment is older software that is sold cheap and says on the packet it runs on XP. I think you can see what I am about to say. The program doesn't. I've had a few of these, all games, the technical support is pathetic. The only company that have provided me with excellent support with one of their games is EA Games.

In short I suppose the thing that really bugs me is poor expensive technical support.

  spikeychris 19:21 24 Jul 2006

offering net speeds 'up to' knowing full well there is little to no chance of reaching it.

  Jim Thing 19:38 24 Jul 2006

that don't reply to e-mails.

  SG Atlantis® 19:53 24 Jul 2006

you mean you just ran out of ideas? (joke)

Erm, the price of ink? and what spikey said, Tiscali promised me upto 4meg and I haven't seen past 2meg since the first few days. If I had it the first few days why can't I have it now??

  mole44 20:19 24 Jul 2006

computer start up times,try all the tricks they still what seems an age before you can use them.

  spikeychris 20:23 24 Jul 2006

Computer start up times depend on lots of things. The amount of items in the start up folder will effect starting times dramatically.

  realist 20:25 24 Jul 2006

Yes I pay for AOL "up to 1 meg bb", line will support up to 5 meg, I only get 512kb.

AOL say I'll be upgraded sometime, don't know when.

Have been an AOL customer for 6 years!

  watchful 20:46 24 Jul 2006

that are oh so slow to load even on BB and, as already mentioned, non-reply to e-mail queries.

  VCR97 20:46 24 Jul 2006

Error /information messages which appear so briefly that they cannot be read.

Error messages which provide no pointers or advice. "Access denied" - yes, but why, and what am I supposed to do about it?

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