What purpose do slugs serve?

  WhiteTruckMan 01:09 05 Jun 2007

Heres something for the ecologically minded among us. I seem to be overrun with the blighters, to the point that I am thinking about going out at nights with a jar collecting them in an effort to control their numbers. But do they provide some sort of benefit, or is it just their purpose to leave trails everywhere, much on everything in sight and make lots more little slugs.

They are mainly the green spotted type, but I occasionally see big fat black ones too.

Is anyone else seeing a rise in slug numbers, or am I alone in looking closely at my gardens at night time?


  Jak_1 01:12 05 Jun 2007

They are part of the food chain, foxes eat them as do birds, hedgehogs and badgers etc. However that is not much comfort to the gardener.

  Kev.Ifty 01:17 05 Jun 2007

Hedgehogs love em.

What did the Slug say to the Snail?

"Big issue!"

  wolfie3000 02:18 05 Jun 2007


Reminds me of a true story that happened to a friend of mine.

A few years back me and a few friends used to go out clubbing alot,
Anyway one night a mate of mine was so wasted he fell into his back garden and went to sleep there,
He said when he woke up the nexy morning he had two slug trails on him, but what worried him was one slug trail ended near his mouth.

  €dstowe 05:41 05 Jun 2007

I'm sure slugs are very nourishing, considering the number and variety of creatures that eat them.

  picklsey 06:05 05 Jun 2007

some ones got to run the country

  Forum Editor 06:53 05 Jun 2007

Evolution exploits niches, and a vacuum is soon filled. Many creatures have evolved to take advantage of niches that nothing else had filled, and maybe the slug was one of them.

I have a large pond in my garden, and each spring it's a mass of mating frogs. The garden is full of frogs, although we hardly ever see one, and as a consequence there's never a slug in sight. Get a pond, and say goodbye to slugs.

  picklsey 07:04 05 Jun 2007

i would love a pond wanted one for years but the wife keeps bringing up the grandchildren,now i,ve suggested that they don,t need to visit or stay the odd weekend so as i can get a pond.then for some reason her face goes red and i swear she has horns that come out.so no pond yet.

  wee eddie 08:35 05 Jun 2007

Kids fall into ponds - Right

Kids get very dirty when they fall into ponds.

Kids fish for Frogs, Newts, wee Fish, Frog-spawn and mud in ponds.

Which they drag into the house.

Every now and again a kid drowns in a pond. More kids are drowned in the bath.

Moral of this story. Ditch the bath and get a pond!

  laurie53 09:06 05 Jun 2007

You're right about the frogs.

Once I managed to persuade them to stay and breed my slug population virtually disappeared, tho' we do have a couple of Thrushes to mop up stragglers!

  Sic 09:15 05 Jun 2007

You have a slug problem....i have a snail problem, hundreds of the little buggers swarming over my garden! Do frogs eat snails as well??!!

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