What price religion?

  laurie53 07:50 13 Apr 2008

People are to be charged £9 to attend Sunday Service at the Welsh Eisteddfod.

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"The eisteddfod cited health and safety grounds"

As some of you know, I'm an ex H&S officer but I cannot for the life of me see how such a charge can be justified.

If they're worried about losing money they should say so, not jump on the health and safety bandwagon.

  birdface 09:53 13 Apr 2008

Well I suppose that you will be going in your nice new car,So £9 should not be a problem to you.[only joking]As a none church goer It does not affect me but what about families and the less well off how can they afford it.Like one of the ministers says going to church should be free but donate if you can afford to do so.All the other churches are closing that day so many of the congregations will stay away.As it is not till August maybe they will be persuaded to drop their charges.If worshipers want to donate it should be up to them.

  spuds 12:11 13 Apr 2008

Considering that quite a number of churches are suffering from removal of roof lead by certain villains, then perhaps Health and Safety would come into it, and the £9.00 donation would be very welcome. But as for the Eisteddfod, this can only be another way of raising extra finance for a perhaps less worthy cause!.

Looking at our range of local churches, with various religious believes, I can only say that they are glad of any attendance nowadays, and donations via the collecting box/tray.

  belfman 12:17 13 Apr 2008

An ex-colleague pays 10% of his wage to his church. Apparently that's the norm and most contribute more.

  Legolas 12:26 13 Apr 2008

The tenth you mention is Biblical and is known as a tithe. It is of course totally voluntary and between you, your conscience and God. A tithe or tenth is really old testament thinking. In the New Testament of the Bible a Christian is really someone who has given all of themselves over to Jesus and serving God so Christians on the surface anyway would say that God owns all they have and giving your money, time possessions etc is really just giving back to God what is his anyway.

  interzone55 14:37 13 Apr 2008

Would your colleague be a Jehovah's Witness? The members of this church often tithe their earnings.

As for the Eisteddfod, perhaps this £9 is an advanced ticket charge and they're only letting in ticket holders.

I don't know about current years, but when I was younger (only 20 or so years ago) my church often had to lock people out of the annual Christingle and Christmas Eve services due to over crowding. We only had seating for 300 and I once counted 600 people leaving the Christingle. Current H & S legislation could mean that the Parish Priest and possibly the Church Warden's would be liable to prosecution for allowing so many people in the building...

  belfman 15:28 13 Apr 2008

The Church is huge, with the latest high tech equipment inc fitness gym, waterfall in the foyer and so on. Apparently it is often televised on GodTV and from what I can make of it it is a reformed Christian Church. It falls into Protestant rather than Catholic but whether it's Methodist, Presbyterian or whatever I don't know.

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