What a prat.

  newman35 08:46 06 Feb 2009

click here

Clarkson really is scraping the barrel with this 'schoolyard' jibe, even I was upset for Gordo (not an easy thing).

  newman35 09:15 06 Feb 2009

"So, like Nelson turning his blind eye to a signal, Clarkson is suggesting that this is the eye Brown is using to look at the economic situation"

You are reading into this awful comment about his blind eye something which is just not there.
No other reference to Nelson or history was made, so how can you come up with that excuse?

Clarkson is just a publicity-seeking oaf.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:29 06 Feb 2009

Some people might consider hos remarks to be accurate.


  anskyber 09:36 06 Feb 2009

Clarksons political opinions are well known so it is hardly a surprise that his own myopia comes out in his comments.

I find him amusing simply because he is so narrow minded. It is therefore possible to discount almost all of what he says as biased nonsense.

  newman35 09:37 06 Feb 2009

The remark about him being an idiot, I can accept as part of the rough and tumble of politics - but to attack a physical diaability in the manner expressed by Clarkson was awful.

So is it now 'open season' on anyone's disabilities? If an MP is wheelchair bound can this be thrown into discussions as an insult? ( I have heard a term 'spastic' used in a derogatory manner).
Where is the line?

  €dstowe 09:46 06 Feb 2009

It says more about Clarkson himself than the person being commented on.

It's just one more in the list of gaffes made by this self centred fool.

  newman35 09:50 06 Feb 2009

Couldn't agree more, €dstowe.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:12 06 Feb 2009

is as entitled to his opinion as anyone else is on this forum. As for calling Brown a one eyed scottish idiot, well, lets see. He's got one eye. no-one disputes that. He's scottish. Again, no complaints there. He's an idiot. Nope, as fourm member said, no one has disagreed with that either.

Other than me thinking clarkson isnt going to make the new years honours list anytime soon, whats the problem?


  newman35 10:23 06 Feb 2009

But the terminology was intended as an insult and I am simply saying that using physical disabilities as an object of insult is wrong.
Presumably you may be able bodied and see no problem, but, to me, in just the same way racial taunts can be objectionable, so can this type of jibe.
As you say, "He's got one eye. no-one disputes that", so if I can see someone with black skin it would be OK for me to call them a 'black idiot'?? (- as they are obviously black!)

  natdoor 10:34 06 Feb 2009

Clarkson is just Jonathon Ross without the charm, wit and good taste. I cannot understand why anyone would watch his programmes or take any note of what he says.

And I, for one, do not think that Gordon Brown is an idiot. In my view, it takes one to mis-identify one. The reason that the downturn may be worse here than elsewhere is because so many of our citizens behaved like idiots. The situation in the US would have been much more serious if they had not cleverly sold most of their bad debt to foreign banks.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:43 06 Feb 2009

Lots of things can be considered insulting when taken out of context. Certainly I have been called things that would make the vicar blush, but I take no offence from them because of the context they were made in. But the other side of that coin is that I dislike someone taking offence on my behalf.

An accurate pysical description is just that-accurate. If someone has black skin then in my view it is appropriate to label them so as part of a decription, just as it is appropriate to label me in part by my skin colour. Just as it asks on many job application forms for my ethnic background. But I have never yet seen a form asking for skin thickness

Calling someone an idiot. Well, thats a subjective judgement. But if someone performs idiotic acts then that may be one criteria for the label. Calling someone a black idiot may bean insult. On the other hand it may be entirely appropriate.


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