What is the point of an MOT?

  pj123 16:41 19 Mar 2007

Just had my car MOTd today and I notice the certificate still says:

“A test certificate is not evidence that the vehicle is in a satisfactory condition”.

Because I need an MOT to be able to tax the car I generally keep it in good condition.

I think we all know that the MOT is only valid at the time of issue, tomorrow a bulb could fail or a brake pipe could split etc…

I have seen many cars that do not need an MOT (up to 3 years old) with only one headlight working or only 1 brake light etc…

When I was in the trade I could get my car MOTd without actually taking the car. All I was asked was: “Is it all working OK”. Of course, that was when the MOT criteria was only Brakes, Lights and Steering, and cost £10.

I remember buying a car that the previous owner had fitted a rear spotlight which didn’t work. It failed an MOT. (if it is fitted it has to work). I took it all off and tried the MOT again and it passed.

  dagbladet 16:45 19 Mar 2007

"Because I need an MOT to be able to tax the car I generally keep it in good condition"


Your statement above perhaps sums up why it is deemed necessary to have some kind of vehicle safety check. You might not have meant it that way, but some people will only attend to certain issues with their cars, because of the MOT.

  Forum Editor 16:47 19 Mar 2007

and is better than nothing. Nowadays you see hardly any vehicles that would fit the description of 'old banger', yet years ago they were commonplace. The change is either a result of the MOT system, or increased standards of living, or both.

  oresome 17:09 19 Mar 2007

"The change is either a result of the MOT system, or increased standards of living, or both."

There is a third reason. Manufacturing efficiency produces cars that cost less year on year while repair costs and spare parts for older models tend to rise above inflation.

  pj123 17:12 19 Mar 2007

Yes, I agree it gives some confidence to a buyer if the car they are looking at has a full MOT.

And yes, FE. A very long time ago I had a Vauxhall PA (before MOTs) that had a smashed in nearside wing with no headlight at all. I used to drive it all the time. It was still classed as "Roadworthy"

"Roadworthy". I have a car with a rear screen washer wiper and I also have a camper van without a rear screen washer wiper. So what makes one roadworthy and the other not?

Both of them pass the MOT criteria as being "roadworthy" but if the rear screen washer wiper on the car stopped working it would fail an MOT?

What has a rear screen washer wiper system got to do with being roadworthy?

Also I used to have a Renault that failed an MOT because the throttle pedal rubber had worn away. But at the same time I had an Audi that didn't have pedal rubbers and it passed an MOT.

So it is not consistent.

  Jak_1 17:24 19 Mar 2007

My previous car had a rear windscreen washer wiper systen, not working, it passed the MOT as it did with the reversing lights not working!

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:28 19 Mar 2007

Rear wipers are treated the same as front fog-lights, i.e. you don't have to have them fitted to your car but, if they are fitted they must be working.

  pj123 17:54 19 Mar 2007

Jak_1, let me know your MOT station and I will take my car there next time.

Mr Mistoffelees, yes I already said that.

  jack 17:58 19 Mar 2007

All appropriate parts withing the schedule must work.
If not fitted then that item is disregarded.
The human element must come into too = ie the tester being soft/distracted/overlooked an optional item.
They are human too.

  Bingalau 18:04 19 Mar 2007

I don't think they have MOT's in Malta and you should see the state of some of the vehicles on their roads. We also used to have a standing joke in Malta. "The first rule of the road is to drive in the shade".

  Zero G 18:28 19 Mar 2007

A few years ago took my car in for it's MOT and it passed 1st time.
Nothing amiss, well OK apart from the brakes did not work & a brake pipe was leaking it passed.
Since then when buying a car i never really look at the MOT Cert!

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